NFL player gets NA excited about football

Union County saw a lot of excitement over the weekend as the NFL’s Terrence Metcalf hosted a day-long football camp at New Albany High School last Saturday.

New Birth Community Church, along with NAHS came together to host the former Ole Miss Rebel and Chicago Bear to raise money for a new family life center at the church. Clarksdale was the location for the camp the past three years, but due to conflicts, Metcalf was put in touch with NAHS head coach Ron Price to bring the camp to Union County.

New Birth Church was wanting to do a fundraiser, and Terrance’s mother is a member of the church, so they got me in touch with Terrance, and we thought it would be a great way to do a fundraiser for the church,” Price said. “I was just excited to give some promotion to our football program and to help the church out along the way, so it’s a good cause. We’re out here having a good time, and doing it for God and for football, so no better two combinations than that.”

Metcalf’s goal is to bring excitement about football to the area, as well as uniting kids from rival schools.

“I talked with my pastor from my church, and we thought of some things to get the kids more involved, get them outside and active and get them doing some stuff, so we decided to do a football camp,” Metcalf explained. “We want to keep doing this and get more of the area schools involved and getting the kids more affiliated with each other. I know that they go to different schools and they’re rivals with each other on the football field, but to create a community bond, that’s what we’re trying to do, so we’ll continue to do this each year.”

Metcalf has played seven seasons for the Bears, including a trip to Super Bowl XLI, where Chicago was defeated by the Indianapolis Colts. He is also well known to Rebel fans, as he was a first team All-America selection in 2001, as well as All-SEC in 2000 and 2001. Taken in the third round of the 2002 draft, Metcalf was apart of a group recruited by former coach Tommy Tubberville that were all drafted.

Campers had the opportunity to learn from a current NFL player, as well as ask questions.

“We’re pretty much teaching basic stretching and football techniques, just the fundamentals of football,” Metcalf explained. “The basic stance you get in, how to set your feet, body composition, things of that nature. The things you’ve got to know before you can go out on the football field and actually perform. So far they’re doing pretty good. It’s a little hot out here, but they’ve been doing pretty good.”

Metcalf was joined by the NAHS coaching staff, as well as some of the players, all of which were excited.

“They’ve been all over Terrance since about eight o’clock this morning,” Price said. “He’s a great guy and a great person to be around. Our kids have just loved him to death and enjoyed him being here, so it’s been a great opportunity for all of us. “

“We talked earlier and discussed what we wanted to do,” Metcalf said of the involvement of the NAHS squad. “We’re just trying to put the kids in a leadership role. We put them in charge of each drill, and put a coach at each drill with them, and just to show the younger kids that the older kids are doing positive things.”

Price noted the importance of having a player of Metcalf’s stature working with the youth in the county.

“It’s exciting. To have a college player would be great, but to have a guy in the NFL come out and tell the kids the things it takes to get to the next level and the work ethic he has and the things he has done to develop himself as well as his study habits is amazing,” Price said. “To hear it first hand from a guy that’s in the league, I don’t think there’s anything that can compare that. We want to get football excitement in Union County and New Albany, and we’re doing all we can to get our community behind football and excited about football.”

The scene at Kitchens’ Field Saturday morning proves that Price is on the right step toward getting New Albany more excited about the future of football in the area.