Music and football

 It was an idyllic Friday night in New Albany. The skies were clear, the stars bright and the temperature comfortable.

The parking lot was full, the concession stand was humming with activity, the stands were packed and several hundred fans were standing along the fence.

The scene was perfect.

When The Pride of New Albany Band struck up the school fight song and the team ran onto the field from the new inflatable tunnel, it was a thrilling sight.

Minutes later the Bulldogs kicked off and the opening regular season game against the Boonville Blue Devils and their legendary coach Jim Drewry was under way.

It was a thrill a minute from the lightening fast touchdowns in the opening quarter to the suspense-filled closing seconds when New Albany was driving to try to tie the score, but ran out of time. What a game!

The students on the field, the coaches and band instructors had done their job. They had worked hard to present a great evening of football and music.

But what about the rest of us? Did we do ours?

We were disappointed to find the stands beginning to empty early in the second half. By the time the game was decided, a few seconds before the closing horn, the bleachers were half empty.

High school kids in the band and on the field playing their hearts out deserve our cheers from the beginning to the end.

We can do better than this.