Charitable giving

 The United Way has kicked off its annual charity campaign and the goal is $2.1 million across the seven counties that are part of the United Way of Northeast Mississippi.

That big number is not what is important to us here in Union County though. What’s important here is how much money we contribute from this county because that is the source of funds available to be spent on worthy causes here.

This year the United Way is contributing $62,000 to agencies for the benefit of Union Countians. 

The largest benefactors were the Boys and Girls Clubs with $15,000, Good Samaritan of Union County with $14,000, the local American Red Cross with $8,000, and the Lighthouse Enrichment Center and New Haven School with $5,000 each. Sixteen other agencies shared the rest.

That’s not very much for a county of this size. Pontotoc County distributed more than $87,000 this year.

The fault lies with us.

For some reason a good number of businesses and industries in our area do not participate in the campaign. And about three-fourths of the money raised comes from payroll deductions, with employees giving a small amount each week from their paychecks.

The key to successful fundraising is the payroll deduction system, which is a relatively painless way to do our part to support agencies that serve our area. And the money we give is deductible on income taxes.

If you would like to participate in the campaign as a business or as an individual, call the United Way at 662-539-0018. They’ll be happy to help you.

We urge you to give if you can. Many worthwhile programs in our area that help those in need depend on our support.