City employees get small raise

Most employees for the city of New Albany will see an increase in pay for the 2010 fiscal year.

The New Albany board of aldermen approved a 1.5 percent pay raise for a majority of the city’s employees.

“This raise excludes the mayor, aldermen, city attorney, city judges and prosecutor, as well as the city clerk, who was just hired,” Ward Two alderman Johnny Anderson said during the board’s Monday night meeting.  “In order to do that, we had to tweak some of the numbers in other areas.”

In recent years, the board of aldermen has approved a three percent cost of living raise for all city employees each year.  Due to the poor state of the economy, however, the city was unable to do that this year, New Albany Mayor Tim Kent said.

The budget itself predicts $5,202,623 in total revenue and $5,202,623 in total expenditures for the general fund.

Under the general fund, $113,451 was appropriated to the legislative department (aldermen), $69,977 to the judicial department, $139,239 to the executive department, $3,450 toward elections, $251,565 toward financial services, $100,884 for operation of the  city attorney’s office, $1,490,703 to the police department, $999,204 for the fire department, $671,697 for the street department, $718,771 for the park and recreational department, $210,004 toward public property, $108,264 toward the building inspection department and $325,414 toward miscellaneous expenses.

In terms of revenue, the board has projected a flattening of incoming money, due to the economy.  The board does, however, expect a $15,000 increase in property taxes.

It will be an additional $125,000 in the fire department budget, Kent said.

“The increase is due to the department hiring three additional firemen, which will help keep the city’s fire rating at 6,” Kent said. “When a fire rating is low, homeowners’ insurance rates are lowered as well for homeowners that live within that fire district.”

According to Kent, last year the department’s budget was approximately $875,000.