New Albany Garden Club

 The June meeting of New Albany Garden Club was held in the home of Mrs. Laura Fennell with 15 members present. President Grace Provence called the meeting to order. She expressed appreciation to Mrs. Fennell and to co-hostesses Mrs. Mary Webb and Mrs. Joy Fisher.

Substituting for Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner, Mrs. Mary Webb gave in inspirational devotional based on Genies 2:8.

In the absence of Treasurer Elizabeth Skinner, Mrs. Provence gave the treasurer’s report. Mrs. Bethany Dalton will be accepting payment of membership dues.

In the absence on Secretary Linda Everett, Mrs. Anita Buster marked the roll and read the minutes of the previous meeting. They were approved as read.

Mrs. Provence reported on the Tombigbee District meeting in Amory. Those members attending were Betty Campbell, Bethany Dalton, Mary Webb, Anita Buster, Lynn Madden, Sara Rogers, Susan Feather and Grace Provence. Mrs. Provence reported that New Albany Garden Club received a Certificate of Appreciation in Horticulture Therapy from National Garden Club.  This award was given because of the work in Garden Therapy with the Special Needs Class at New Albany Middle School.

Mrs. Buster read the names of the nominees for membership. The names were accepted by acclamation. The new members are Mrs. Gloria Cooper, Mrs. Edie Pullman, Mrs. Cassie Henson and Mrs. Lori Whitside.

A motion was made by Mrs. Betsey Hamilton to no longer send in dues for associate members to the Garden Clubs of Mississippi. Mrs. Gwyn Pennebaker made the second and the motion carried.

Mrs. Sara Rogers expressed her desire for our garden club to sponsor a flower show. The other garden clubs in New Albany have expressed a wish to participate. 

Mrs. Betty Campbell made the motion the New Albany Garden Club sponsor a Flower Show during the week of the Tallahatchie RiverFest. Mrs. Melanie Shannon made the second and the motion carried. Those members assisting in planning the event are Mrs. Sara Rogers, Mrs. Lori Henson, Mrs. Betsey Hamilton and Mrs. Bethany Dalton.

Mrs. Provence passed around sign-up sheets for hostesses, etc. for the year 2009-2010. Lists of committees, assignment of duties and an overview of projects was passed and discussed.

Mrs. Provence announced a workshop for Landscape Design to be held July 13-15 at Lake Ti-O-Kata and a Flower Show School to be held August 19-21 in Greenwood. Other classes can be found on-line with Nation Garden Club. Mrs. Provence also announced the sale of the State cookbook to available in September. Members were given order forms to order early.

With no other announcements, the meeting was adjourned. Those members attending were Anita Buster, Betty Campbell, Bethany Dalton, Susan Feather, Laura Fennell, Jane Ford Betsey Hamilton, Lori Henson, Myra Langley, Lynn Madden, Gwyn Pennebaker, Grace Provence, Sara Rogers, Melanie Shannon, and Mary Webb.