The ABC’s of NAHS: A is for after school detention served in Ms. Robinson’s room, B is for all the books in the NAHS library, C is for Christmas in September, the first day of homecoming week at NAHS, D is for downtown New Albany, where the Riverfest was held, E is for the excitement in all the kids as homecoming approaches, F is for Fall, G is for giving it your all in the 5K River Run, H is for all the homecoming parties, I is for interesting costumes, J is for the Juniors working on their float, K is for Kathy Ball, considered the hardest teacher at NAHS, L is for laziness, something not accepted at our school, M is for Maroon and White day during homecoming week, N is for NAHS, the amazing school we attend Monday through Friday, O is for October, the month approaching quickly, P is for the homecoming parade and pep-rally Thursday night!, Q is for the many quizzes that we take during the week, R is for ROTC, S is for superhero/villain day, T is for tutoring that Mrs. Pannell offers to her math classes, U is for Uranium, an element that you learn about in Ms. McClain’s class, V is for Madi Van Zile, the only sophomore in the NAHS journalism class, W is for all the water that has been on the football field this past week, X is for the many boXes which homecoming t-shirts fill, Y is for all of YOU! Thanks for reading! Z is for zippers on your jackets, zip ‘em up it’s getting colder! 

Hey Bulldog, its homecoming week and everyone is very excited. The dogs traveled to MS Palmer last Friday, bringing home a win 13-8! Thanks so much to all the fans that came down and supported the team. 

Coach Sanderson’s Psychology class recently conducted a field survey to see how freshmen and seniors would respond to questions related to dating. The students that were chosen for the survey represented only a sample of the students from their respective classes. Here’s what they said: When asked if it’s okay to kiss on the first date, 17 freshmen said somewhat and 19 seniors said somewhat. When asked if males should pay for the date 24 freshmen completely agreed, and 20 seniors somewhat agreed. When asked if guys should open the doors and pull the girls chairs out, 22 freshmen agreed, and 17 seniors agreed. When asked if boys should drive when going on a date, 18 freshmen agreed and 20 seniors somewhat agreed. When asked if the first date should consist of talking and getting to know each other-not lusting, 25 freshmen agreed, and 28 seniors agreed. When asked if you should dress up on the first date, 18 freshmen agreed, and 19 seniors somewhat agreed. When they were asked if the first date should be a group date, 18 freshmen somewhat agreed, and 24 seniors disagreed. They were asked if you should sit across from the date, not beside them, 16 freshmen agreed and 23 seniors somewhat agreed. You should not text others while on your date, 20 freshmen agreed, and 28 seniors agreed. You should always introduce your date while associating with others, 21 freshmen agreed, and 24 seniors agreed. You may draw your own conclusions from this survey.

Don’t forget to do all your make-up work if you’ve been out sick. Make sure you pick up your school day pictures in the office if you haven’t already. FCA will meet every Wednesday morning in the auditorium at 7:20. The media center is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 until 4:00. Any student interested in taking practice ACT tests online or paper and pencil tests please see MS. Waldrop in the media center. 

Purchase a Homecoming DVD from Mrs. Foster, the cost is $5.00. They will capture all homecoming events, and will be a great memory for everyone. Report cards and 9-weeks tests are coming up, hope you’re ready, study hard! 

Check out the high school website,” this Friday for more homecoming video updates!