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 My closet is crowded! It’s not a new revelation for me. I was simply given another reminder when I switched summer for fall wardrobe. There’s always that “favorite” top or sweater, that “timeless” blouse and those jeans that always say “comfort” when I step into them. Every item clamors for another season, and my packrat syndrome quickly accommodates.

Having a crowded closet seems to be synonymous with living in America – the land of plenty and prosperity. But it also hints at something being broken: my “wanter!” Wanting more than I need only crowds my closet and dulls my compassion for the less fortunate.

Mother’s closet space in her rehab facility has jolted my selfish mentality. She has one closet rod approximately forty-six inches long to hold all hanging items and two dresser drawers to hold all folded items. To my surprise, I’ve found it to be adequate. Now that’s a word somewhat foreign to my vocabulary!

Crowded clothes closets definitely say a lot about our society, but crowded prayer closets say much more. These closets can be filled with all sorts of distractions that clutter our lives and keep us from the critical needs of cultivating the “inner life.”

Sometimes I step into my prayer closet and find it full and cluttered with busy schedules, worries and frets, anxiety and bitterness, doubts and fears. Those deadly items are always out of style for a Christian and bring havoc to a prayer closet.

The psalmist gave us the first step in building a prayer closet. “Be still and know that I am God.” Sounds easy enough, but in lifestyles of rush, hurry and run, being still can be a monumental lesson to learn.