NAMS Bulldog News

 Well…. How has everyone’s week been so far?

Here’s some news that is sure to brighten up your week! 

We all know that 9 weeks test are this week so for all of you students out there, STUDY!

Also, don’t forget about report cards. We all know that you want one of those to bring home. They come out October 15.

Now, let’s get into some fun subjects… like Homecoming!

You will never believe it, but we had a Middle School Pep Rally and some of the high school students came! Such as the drum line, part of the band, the NAHS cheerleaders, and some of the senior and junior football players! We had so much fun with them!

I am so sad that we lost the Homecoming game, but knowing that the Homecoming court was wonderful and they were all so handsome and beautiful made things a little better. 

Might I add that there was great participation at the Homecoming game from the Middle School. Thanks you guys for making Homecoming the best you can!

Catching up on a little bit of our school action in classes is going to take a while so I will just point out a few of the neat things we are doing.

First of all, In Mrs. Davis’s science class we built bridges from the materials: toothpicks, gumdrops, glue, yarn, and scissors. This was to help us grasp the concept of force and friction. This project was very fun and the bridges were very interesting! Especially when it got to the part where she put the weight on it to see if it would fall!

Another cool thing that we did was in Mrs. Watson’s social studies class. Like I said in last week’s news, we where doing territorial games and learning about how the United States gained its territory. 

To add to this, this week we went outside to actually try to gain, fight for, and keep our territory. I learned a lot and had bunches of fun!

Now last but not least, this past week we voted on class representatives. You vote on two students out every homeroom to represent your class in different projects. The following students have been elected:

Ashmore: Abby Spencer, Anna Frances Stroud and Nickomus Lawrence

Callicutt: Miller Dunnam and Faye Turnage

Coleman: Parker Nail and Jake McDonald

Davis: Farrah Speck and Adrian Crockett

Dunn: Christopher Elliot and Clay Mitchell

Eaton: Hannah Anderson and Allie Owen

George: Dylan Simmons and Jon Robbins

Gillean: Anslie Childers and Tashiunna Cook

Harrison: Quilan Amos and Eli Tyra

Horn: Avery Campbell and Holt Garrett

Linville: Mary Kate Thompson and Kristen Olson

McCord: Ashley Coffey and Ethan Rainey

Miller: Seth Male and Raahina Malik

Moody: Jack Hickey and Antravon Graham

Pickens: Beth Teague and Emily Gafford

Ranager: Katie Davis and Gray Spencer

Reed: Millie Chism and Austin Gafford

Russell: Darby Mills and Hayden Poer

Saul: Lenzi Sanderson and Kyle Olsen

Sewell- Kytorian Freeman

Stacy: Carringon Barry and Laura Creekmore

Swords: Jonathan Stacy and Leeta Ann Prater

Tate: Lauren Cavender and Harrison Harding

Watson: Adalis Bynum and Larenz Jones

Willis: Chris Brown and Dalton Hall

That’s about it! Have a great rest of the week!