New Haven News

 Hi, my name is Katie Blythe.  My friends at New Haven called me Katie B. because we have another Katie, Katie T.  I started to New Haven last year on December 1.  

I remember my first day because it was the day of the New Albany Christmas parade and I rode on the float.  

We had a great Halloween week with something special almost every day. On Monday Ms. Vicky Rowland brought us treats from BancorpSouth Bank. We like for Ms. Rowland to visit and we thank Mr. Alan Greer for the things she brings.  

Our friends from Ingomar Baptist Church visited us on Tuesday.  We always look forward to their visits.  They brought us pizza for lunch and Halloween treats and candy.  

Ms. Faye Howell baked cup cakes for us and they were decorated so pretty.  One of our favorite parts of their visits is when Mr. George Dixon “Jones” plays his guitar and sings.  We got to sing one of our favorite songs, ‘Amazing Grace.’  He also told us stories about some of the songs.  

We also went to the library on Tuesday.  Ms. Cindy had a pumpkin for us to carve.  When we finished, it looked like a cat sitting in the pumpkin.  We took it back to the Center and it looked real cute sitting by the door the rest of the week.


We never know what to expect when we go to the library, but we know it will be something we like.

Wednesday was a bowling day for us, which is always fun. If you know Mr. Wayne Dye tell him thank you for letting us bowl twice each month.  We started bringing snacks on Wednesday, and by Friday we had quite a supply.  

Friday was our party day.  We had fun all day long.  Most of us dressed up.  There were more cowboys and cowgirls than anything else.  Justin came as a doctor; he looked like a real doctor.  Jake wore a Star Wars costume. Jeana came as a vampire.  Jennifer had ears on that made her look like a cat.  I wore a shirt that said ‘Trouble Finds Me.’

DD helped the girls work up a dance routine to the song, ‘Monster Mash.’ We made masks from brown shopping bags.  Alisa was the monster who came to life.  We performed on the stage, and it was so much fun.  After lunch we played bingo, which we always enjoy.  

We had several people bring cans and magazines last week.  Ms. Gwen Pennebaker and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Godbold brought us magazines.  The Godbold’s also brought pull tabs they had saved.  Mr. Walter Johnson brought cans that he and Mr. Bobby Gault had saved for us. We hope they all come back again.

CC went to the Rotary Club on Friday to ask them to buy tickets to a fundraiser that we are having next week.  

We need a new bus.  There is not enough room for all of us to ride on the van.  We either have to take turns going places or ride in a car.  The Board of Directors will buy the bus, but we need to raise some money to help pay for it.  

If you like good music or just want to help, please buy a $10 ticket and come to the Magnolia Civic Center on Nov. 12th at 7:00.  If you want more information, you can call New Haven, 534-4289, or Phil Nanney’s office, 534-4354.