Ellistown Breezes

 Monday, December 7th, was the 68th anniversary of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, if my arithmetic is correct.  I was only nine years of age in 1941, but that was old enough to realize something bad had happened to our country, but not old enough to realize the sadness and heartbreak of the next four years.  If you recall, the way we received our news out here in the county was by battery-operated radio.  We tried never to miss a broadcast, especially after our friends and family began leaving one by one as “Uncle Sam” needed them.  The Bible says, “There shall be wars and rumors of war.”

We had a good church service yesterday, which included our holiday dinner afterwards.  Our children’s choir sang for us and Heather Roberts was set to sing the special when the tape and player could not come together so Heather did not sing.  The Sunday before, Tim Powell was going to sing and the same thing happened, however, Tim decided to sing without the music and did a splendid job.  His deep, strong baritone voice really didn’t need music and we could hear the words much better.  Could this big guy have true pitch?  I think perhaps he does.

Wednesday, November 25th, Rose and Tommy Vinson came down from Collierville and carried Sarah Grubbs home with them.  Thanksgiving, John, Gina and Nick Vinson came for supper.  Saturday afternoon, Rose, Tommy, and friends Jerry and Corben Swords surprised Sarah with a show at Fed Ex Forum where the Radio City Rockettes were performing their Christmas show. After the show, a horse drawn carriage was waiting and carried them to the Spaghetti Warehouse for supper. 

Sarah enjoyed hearing Tommy preach Sunday night.  Monday, Bill and Latane Foley came up and carried Sarah home.  Rose and Tommy will be going to Richmond, Virginia for the Commissioning Service for their daughter, Vicki and Husband Wint, children, Eliiah and Shiloh Fox, who will be going as foreign missionaries to Asia in January.

We  had thirty something relatives show up for our (Kye and Nancy) Roberts Reunion last Saturday.  I consider it one of our best family reunions.  We were happy Ronald and Lynda Lyons, of Cordova, were able to join us.  Ronald informed me he has one more year before he reaches eighty.  Therefore, he chose not to sit with Pete Wigington, Doris Rakestraw, Katie Robertson and Carolyn Roberts.  Few people stopped by to wish them Happy 80th Birthday, however, I have never seen four old friends have so much fun talking to each other.  Pete Wigington and Katie Robertson had not seen each other since 1946 when Katie got married.  Betty Richey Smith tells me Katie kept them up late telling things they remembered and talked about, including one time their school bus ran over a cow in the road and had to actually back off her.  That need not have been reckless driving because if you remember in the early 1940’s most everyone owned cows and it was not unusual to encounter one in the road.  They were then like deer are today, all over the place.

This Sunday, December 13th, our Adult Choir will present their Christmas Cantata. Afterwards, the McCraws will head to Olive Branch, Lord willing, for another Christmas at Bill’s sister’s house.  I could hardly believe my ears when she called and said she is much better and looks forward to hosting another McCraw Christmas at her and George’s home.  If you remember, Maxine had surgery for cancer earlier this year and had a touchy situation for a long time.  They thank everyone for your prayers and say that is why she is living today.

Happy Anniversary to Hugh and Cristie McCraw on their 8th Anniversary December 15th.

Happy Birthday to Carolyn McCraw whose birthday is December 16th.