Ellistown Breezes

 Happy New Year to everyone.  Since I missed last week’s deadline for news, the first four paragraphs of this writing was meant for last week.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Janie Bryant Murdock, who died on Christmas Day. Janie was an active member of our Adult Ladies IV Sunday School Class and church as long as she was able to attend.

Our sympathy also to the family of Louise Speck Ashmore who also died on Christmas Day.  Louise was a sister-in-law to Opal Speck who is an active member of our Church and Adult IV ladies Sunday School Class.

Best wishes to Byron Millican who at this writing is in the Tupelo hospital in serious condition.  Byron and wife, Barbara, are members of our church, and Byron is also of our Class of 1949.

I was sorry to learn last Monday morning that W. D. Chun has suffered a heart attack.  Mr. Chun is of the Center Community and we wish him the best.

Betty Bates of Sherman and I use the same hair dresser and she told me Betty has been sick and in the hospital.  Best wishes for your recovery.

I would like to think all of you enjoyed Christmas as much as I.  The only tough spot was little Maggie’s difficulty to breathe.  Hugh, Cristie, and I were returning home from celebrating our family Christmas in Arkansas and thought it best to stop at the Emergency Room in New Albany.  Little Maggie had chest congestion that kept getting worse so we spent a while getting her some relief and good care.  The staff could not have been nicer or more efficient.  In a few minutes they had her relaxed and breathing easy and soon she fell asleep.  By the time she was released, Hugh declared he needed more food (It’s amazing how it saps the life out of you trying to help a child breathe.) We tried to find some place open and finally did, so we refueled ourselves and headed on home to await Santa.

Gwen did not disappoint us in her decorations this year.  A new seven and half foot white flocked tree had been added to the entry way.  She had decorated it in red mesh-looking ribbon that had just enough wire to hold its shape.  No wreaths were used outside this time. However, two larger lighted trees had been placed on either side of the entrance, making a total of eight decorated trees throughout the house.  I especially, liked the arrangement on the children’s table made of large different colored suckers and ribbons.  She is very talented, and had the rest of the house decorated beautifully. She is also a good cook.  Gwen, plus her mother Patsy, really had a feast prepared for us which was absolutely delicious, even the chocolate cake she had made, which had whipped ganache filling and seven minute frosting.  That was one of five different desserts I saw.

I was invited to spend Christmas Eve night with Hugh and Cristie so I enjoyed seeing Maggie’s beautiful tree and what Santa brought her.  Doris Day used to sing the song “Be a Child at Christmas Time,” and I have a recording of that which I have enjoyed over the years.  I think perhaps she is correct.

I have known Betty Roberts for years, and this year I forgot she was a New Year’s baby. So Happy Belated Birthday wishes to her.  Also a Happy Birthday to Hunter Wigington, whose birthday was January 7th, and to his brother, Lucas Wigington, whose birthday is January 9th. Nadine Brown has a birthday Sunday, January 105h, and Neil Roberts Wednesday, January 13th, so Happy Birthday to them.

A baby shower will be given to Courtney and Mitch Carroll, Sunday, January 10th, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. They are expecting a baby boy, Landon Cole, in the near future.  Courtney is the daughter of David and Donna Dye, and sister to Dave Dye.

Most of us in this area lost electricity this past Sunday morning as we were getting ready for Sunday School.  Brother Mike later said it was a pastor’s dream to have a room full of people in the dark.  However, the lights were restored during the Sunday School hour and we only lost them for a few minutes during worship service.  We also enjoyed our choir and Tim Powell singing our special music.