New Haven News

 Happy New Year from New Haven!  My name is Will Floyd.  I have only been attending New Haven since November.  I wasn’t sure I would like it, but now I don’t want to miss a day.  I enjoy all that we do. The Christmas parades were especially a lot of fun.  I get to tell you about how our new year started.  We were all anxious to get back and catch up on what everyone did during the holidays. 

Our first day back was January 5 and we had a New Year’s party.  We had noise makers and party hats.  It was just like New Year’s Eve in New York City, maybe not quite.  We had a traditional New Year ’s Day lunch – black-eyed peas with ham hocks, cabbage, and ham. We will wait and see if our meal brings us luck and money this year.  For dessert we had cake.  It was Ricky Joe’s birthday, and his mother brought a General Lee cupcake cake.  It was bright General Lee orange with a 01 on it.  

We ended our New Year celebration by making resolutions.  My resolutions were to meet Tim Tebow and go to the swinging bridge at Tishomingo State Park.  Here are the resolutions for others.

Patrick – Meet Coach Houston Nutt

Jennifer – Give up sweets

Alisa – Travel and meet Mark Martin

Tabitha – Get health and spend time with family

James – Eat with friend Joe at new restaurants and see the ‘Price is Right’ show in person

Ricky Joe – Meet Jimmy Johnson (48) and meet the Ole Miss football players

Shane – Visit uncle in Texas, get a bead store opened, hunt a lot, and spend time with Colt

Lori Beth – Spend time with Dad’s sister and spend more time with brother and entire family

Glenn – Spend more time with Mom and Dad and drink a lot of diet Mountain Dew

Deb – Visit Aunt Dodgie

Essence – Ms. DD do more names

Katie T – Spend more time with Frankie

Justin – Meet Mississippi State’s quarterback, read the Bible more, and spend time with family

Jeana – Go visit cousins in Georgia and meet Peyton Manning

Katie B – Spend more time reading the Bible, spend more time with father, mother, and sister

Susan – Get my GED, spend more time with family, go to school to be a nurse, go to church more and keep my home cleaner.

Also, on our first day back, we went to the library.  Ms. Cindy always has something fun for us to do.  On Tuesday we made snowmen.  We used large marshmallows for the body, pretzels for the arms, fruit roll ups for the scarf, chocolate chips for the eyes, and a Hershey’s kiss for the hat.  Some of us ate ours; they were good, too.

Also, on the first day we welcomed Stella Williams,  She is Ms. Ruby’s daughter.  Ms. Ruby has decided to work part-time so we are glad to have Stella to come to work at New Haven to cook our lunch.  We also hope we can talk her into singing for us some.

On Wednesday we started the new year off right by walking.  We went to the Healthplex and walked.  We have really done good walking. 

We also started getting ready for our birthday party for Elvis.  

I guess our January welcome sign worked.  It is a snowman holding a net to catch snowballs.  We don’t know if it was the snowmen we made at the library or our welcome sign, but we are sure we helped cause the snow; we didn’t come to the center on Thursday and Friday.

You can see we were pretty busy the first two days of the year. Thank you for reading our news and keep reading, you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening at New Haven.