Power outage leaves east NA in dark

The recent wave of freezing temperatures was likely the cause of Tuesday’s power outage on the eastern side of New Albany, officials with New Albany Light, Gas & Water said Wednesday.

According to LG&W’s Chief Operations Supervisor Charlie Hall, the failure of an insulator at the city’s substation off of HWY 348 was the cause.

“The insulator failed and caused the other insulators to fail,” Hall said.  “Evidently it had a crack crack in it, which led to the failure.  The crack was likely caused by the extreme cold weather.”

According to Hall, the repairs to the substation, including the replacement of the failed insulator took about two and a half hours to complete.

“The power went out about 3:30 p.m. and we finished repairs around 4 p.m.,” Hall said.

LG&W Department Manager Harold Smith said that the eastern side of New Albany, up to Keownville on HWY 30 E, including HWY 15, were affected by the outage.

“The western side of town, near Wal Mart and the hospital, were not affected,” Smith said.

Despite the outage, voting on the legalization of the sale of beer in the city limits continued with little interruption as well.

The electronic voting machine’s backup battery supply allowed voters to continue casting their ballots, while poll workers were able to use flashlights to verify voter’s names in the rolls.

Power was restored around much of the city between 4:30  and 5 p.m., though the city crews continued to work at the substation until 6 p.m.