NEMCC oks tuition, fees increase

Beginning next fall, students at Northeast Mississippi Commuity College will see an increase in tuition.

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, Northeast Mississippi Community College’s Board of Trustees approved a recommendation from school president Dr. Johnny L. Allen, Ed.D. to increase fulltime tuition by 11 percent.

Currently, tuition for one fulltime semester (at least 12 credit hours) at Northeast is $945.  That cost will rise to $1,050 beginning with the 2010 fall semester. 

This is the first tuition increase at Northeast since 2006.

 According to Allen, the increasing cost of operating the college,  as well as a lack of adequate funding due to the state of Mississippi’s severe shortfall in revenue collections,  are the primary factors that made the increase in tuition and other fees necessary.

 “I have worked with the administrative staff to develop strategies to deal with the current financial situation,” Allen said, “and due to the impact state budget has on the immediate future of the college, I propose to increase the fulltime tuition for attending Northeast by 11 percent effective July 1.  We feel this is a modest increase ($105), but, we recognize this in not completely harmless to our students.

“This is not the only action we will take to help prevent an interruption of services to our students,” Allen continued.  “But we felt it best to act now in an effort to give our students and their families adequate time to plan for the coming school year.”

According to Allen, students enrolling at Northeast with the benefit of a full federal Pell Grant will still be able to cover tuition, room and board without any out of pocket expense.

 Allen’s recommendation also included slight increases to the meal ticket plan options for students living in the college’s five dormitories and a 7 percent increase to per participant fees at the Crow’s Neck Environmental Education Center in Tishomingo County, in which Northeast is a managing partner.

All other fees charged by the college will not be affected by this measure, Allen said.