Cups and cookbooks

 Last weekend was all about cups and cookbooks at our house. Well, actually it was mostly about watching college basketball on television, but it wasn’t supposed to be.

We had set a goal of cleaning out the garage of our house in Florence, Ala., as we get ready for the move to New Albany in June. But weather and will power intervened. Rainy weather and a cold, damp garage made it easy to get diverted.

It all started as we rationalized that we couldn’t clean out the garage and haul stuff to the curb in the rain. So why not tackle an inside room?

We ended up in the kitchen, even though our New Albany kitchen has more cabinet space than the current one. Could it be because there’s a TV for watching basketball in the kitchen?

Anyway, Jenny had heard somewhere that it’s silly to have more than 10 coffee mugs. That seemed reasonable, especially because I don’t drink coffee and she only makes coffee about once a week.

Our cupboard had more than 40 mugs. That’s not counting the 40 cups that match our five sets of dishes (but that’s another story).

The first mug Jenny put in the give-away box was from the University of Missouri, my alma mater. The second was from her alma mater, a ceramic stein honoring the University of Kentucky 1978 national championship basketball team. I put mine back.

There were several with newspaper logos from where I had worked through the years. I whined a bit, but let them go.

 There were city mugs, Chamber of Commerce mugs, and mugs with corporate logos.  Most went into the box; we saved a mug we brought back from Paris.

 Jenny didn’t want to part with a Star Wars mug where the characters disappear when you pour in hot liquid. Four Christmas mugs and four that belonged to our kids when they were growing up made the cut.

By the time we had agonized our way to the end, we still had 20 mugs, no more than three of which we ever use. Oh, well.

The cookbook project was a whole lot easier. We already had parted with more than 30 at a yard sale last fall. Another 20 went into the box this time, including the Willie Nelson cookbook and six with Mexican food recipes. We love Mexican food, but we don’t make it at home.

We’ve still got 33 cookbooks. Most we never use, but some of them have connections to places we’ve visited. There’s plenty of room for them on the kitchen bookshelf, so why worry about it?

Meanwhile, our garage remains a mess. When we moved to Florence nearly five years ago, we had the movers put lots of things in our garage until we could get them sorted and put away. Well, let’s just say our two-car garage has been a no-car garage ever since.

We’ve vowed to actually put cars in our garage in New Albany. But based on the rate we’re moving, it may take a long time.

March Madness gets under way this week. And we don’t have a cable TV connection in the garage.

There’s always April, I guess.


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