Playhouse News

 Mind over matter, mind over matter – I keep reminding myself while I wait out the arctic onslaught. The brown, ice frosted grass crunches under my insulated boots while I picture the jonquil bulbs only inches away. In a few short weeks they’ll push through this same grass and display a yellow meadow complete with a fresh, rich aroma. I must stay focused about what’s about to be.

The sharp winds are razor-edged and whittle at my face as I rush from backdoor to vehicle. The blasts are brutal. I sympathize with our Canadian friends who live for months in subzero climates. Then I focus and visualize a July day in Etta. The a/c churns while Othel, covered in sweat, mows the grass as I water thirsty, heat-wilted plants.

These wintry winds will soon blow their way back to the arctic zones. A suffocating blanket of humidity will replace them. It won’t be long. I must stay focused.

A red soup ring in the kitchen pot does a repeat performance with its cycle of chili and hot soups. Our winter fare is filling and warming, but I’m longing for aromas from the outdoor grill and fresh produce from our mini-garden plot.

The leftover Christmas turkey that waits its turn in the freezer doesn’t tempt my taste buds. Away with the low fat recipes – I’m ready for a freezer of fresh peach ice cream. But time flies or runs unstopped. No season will be skipped. I’ve got to stay focused.

Chapped skin and lips accompany the frigid temps. Moisturizers, creams, and lotions make it to the front of the bathroom counter. Each “squirt” holds its own special essence and aroma, but I long for aromas of sun tan oils and salt baths in the Gulf. Yet the thought of removing my layers of insulated and wools for a swimsuit runs another chill up my layered back. Can I focus? Yes, I must. Warm days will follow the cold. Perspiration will chase the goose bumps.

I wake in the early morning hours, and the same sound fills the room – the hum of our marathon-running heater. The warm breath it brings to our bedroom is a blessing. I think of the homeless or the dwellings with no insulation. Then I repent of complaining about heating bills. Heat is a blessing not afforded to everyone.

Soon, shade trees and a/c rooms will bring me respite from the summer heat. Staying focused is the key to enduring the icy winter.

There’s also a winter of hard times: the economy ignores the government jumpstarts, health care is a “skunk” no one can get close enough to fix, gas prices rise while employment goes down, masses have passions for good times, few have a passion for Christ; litigation is a top advertising spot in the media, the “you owe it to me” motto is erasing the founding father’s mindset of hard work and honesty.

Still I must stay focused about what’s to be and live in the light of His warm promise – “ I go to prepare a place for you . . . And I will come again to receive you unto myself.”