Beer sales and revenue

 Nearly a month has passed since the sale of beer and light wine became legal in New Albany.

So, what has happened during that time? Not a whole lot, according to police and city officials.

Well, literally thousands and thousands of cases of beer have been sold in grocery and convenience stores and the city expects to see a significant increase in sales tax when the April numbers come in about mid June.

That was money that New was going to other counties before voters approved beer and light wine sales in New Albany. 

And Monday, Union Station restaurant became the first local eatery to offer beer or light wine with its menu. It all happened without fanfare.

The Pizza Pit expects to do the same when it opens its New Albany location in the next several days. The pizza place moved from the West Union area to take advantage of New Albany’s new beer-and-light wine sales ordinance.

But life goes on pretty much as normal as it did before. Predictions of rampant public drunkenness, driving while intoxicated and increased domestic violence have not come to pass. We never thought they would.

Someone did spread a false rumor that we had more than a hundred drunk driving arrests the first weekend, a report that was so ludicrous that it’s difficult for us to believe anyone would have taken it seriously.

According to city officials, the only difference that anyone has noticed is there are fewer beer cans littering our roads.

New Albany is making progress and making our businesses and restaurants more successful is part of that progress.

Voters demonstrated good business savvy with the approval of beer and light wine sales.

And our city officials and businesses have implemented it in a reasonable way.