Childers’ mailings criticized

Dear Editor:

Over the past few months, I have received several mail-outs from Congressman Travis Childers citing his support of various programs or projects.

Some of these are multiple-colored, fold outs, some of them expound how he is “fighting to make Medicare prescription Drug coverage even better.” Another says “Shouldn’t health reform lower cost, not raise them?”
Another says “True Patriots, we raise the flag, they protect it.” Another says “Government wastes, bad for Mississippi Taxpayers, bad for our economy” and what Congressman Travis Childers is doing to protect it.
Another says “No bailouts, No payraises, a report from Congressman Travis Childers.”
Inside this colored brochure, Mr Childers says, “With North Mississippians tightening their belts, it’s time for our government to do the same.”
Then there is the letter of July 13, where he offers support for veterans and encourages the veteran to call his office with any problems.
Then his last letter, of July 23, tells how he is supporting increased funding  for schools and education.
While all of this sounds good, read the fine print.
All of these, with the exception of one, were prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense!
Think about this. Who is Congressman Childers really trying to help?

Gary D. Weathers
New Albany