County residents may apply for smoke alarm installation

Some homeowners that live in New Albany or Union County that are in need of a new smoke alarm or alarms in their home have the option of applying for the free installation and delivery of smoke alarms.
The war on fire deaths in Mississippi has received major support from the Federal Government with the announcement that the State Fire Marshal’s Free Smoke Alarm Installation Program is the recipient of a Department of Homeland Security grant totaling nearly $1 million.
This program is coordinated through county fire coordinators.
Union County Fire Coordinator Steve Coker said, “People that are accepted will view a presentation conducted by firefighters in their home on fire prevention and home escape planning and the firefighters will leave educational brochures for the residents to review after the firefighters have left. The smoke alarm is a special sealed smoke alarm with a 10-year battery.”
Eligibility requirements for this program are: low income families, senior citizens, families with children under 14 and persons with disabilities.
This is the second grant awarded to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for the purchase of smoke alarms. Thirty-two thousand smoke alarms were purchased with a 2007 grant. Union County will begin with approximately 750 smoke alarms.
Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney said, “Every smoke alarm installed helps save lives and property. There are far too many fire deaths in Mississippi – even one life lost to fire is one life too many.”
Chaney said, “Having working smoke alarms in your home can cut your risk of dying in a fire by almost half. Of the 29 fire deaths the State Fire Marshal’s Office has investigated this year our investigators have found working smoke alarms in only one fire. Smoke alarms were found but not working in three other fires. Every home should have a working smoke alarm and with this grant we hope to save many lives.”
Anyone interested in receiving a smoke alarm in their home can fill out the application that is located in this paper and mail it in, call Steve Coker at 534-1972, or call their local fire department. A contact list of names and fire department numbers is in this issue as well.

To learn more about the application process, contact the fire department in your area.  Here is a list of the city and county fire departments and contact information:

Alpine Fire Dept.
1888 CR 171, Blue Springs
Chief Gerald Thornton

Center Fire Dept.
1710 CR 121, Blue Springs
Chief Chris Bullock

Myrtle Fire Dept.
2081 Bankhead St., Myrtle
Chief Walter Christie

Northeast Fire Dept.
2075 CR 180, New Albany
Chief Butch Cobb

Southeast Fire Dept.
1004 CR 274, Blue Springs
Chief Curt Clayton

New Albany Fire Dept.
107 Cleveland St., New Albany
Chief Jeff Hale

East Union Fire Dept.
1599 Lot 1 Hwy 9S
Chief Steve Coker

Ingomar Fire Dept.
1521 Lot 2 Cr 101, New Albany
Chief Dave Hicks

North Haven Fire Dept.
1016 Cr 115, New Albany
Chief Jeff McKeown

Pinedale Fire Dept.
1239 Hwy 355, Etta
Chief Gary Gray

West Union Fire Dept.
1620 Hwy 30 W, Myrtle
Chief Brian Willard

See the Aug. 13, 2010 issue of the New Albany Gazette for an application form.