Ellistown Breezes for Aug. 13, 2010

Last weekend I watched as motor homes and boats slowly passed by heading in from a last vacation and/or weekend of fun before school begins Wednesday.


But, “cheers” Labor Day is very close and perhaps another break.

Happy birthday to Brian Randle Friday, August 13th. Next Friday, my youngest step-granddaughter, Mar-g McCraw Windham will be 40.

In looking at my calendar I notice that it has been a year since Gary Roberts went home to be with his Lord, August 14th; Monday, August 16th, it has been three years since I lost my cousin and friend Virginia Roberts Bell.  We think we have had an extra warm summer, we have; however, the year Virginia died the temperature was 107 degrees and I asked Doris Rakestraw and Carolyn Roberts if they would like to go with me to the funeral.  They declined saying they didn’t believe they could take the heat and I didn’t want to try it to West Point by myself in my aging vehicle with temperature that high.

Happy Anniversary to Doug and JoAnn McCraw Tuesday, August 17th.

I came down with a super case of “brochiectasis” this past week and had to miss church Sunday.  I woke up last Tuesday morning thinking I had a bad sinus headache and sore throat and that I would have it defeated in a couple of days.  Not so, my coughing got worse and fever hung around so after two sleepless nights, I gave in last Saturday and visited our Lower Crossing Medial Clinic for help.  After a shot and several prescriptions filled next door at Sherman Drugs, my coughing is better, but I discovered during Sunday night that I am allergic to one of the drugs, so that will be priority one on today’s list.

 This will be all for now.  Have a good week and “May God Bless Us Everyone.”  Don’t forget to pray for our country and service personnel, which includes local law enforcements who risk their life everyday for us.