Union County Sheriff’s call log for Aug. 13, 2010

August 2
W. Bankhead St.: Burglary alarm
Hwy 78 W/Myrtle Exit: Has temp plate
N. Camp St.: Caller advised owner of car lot A&L Auto Sales. Will not let him leave with his car.
Huddle House/Wal-Mart: Two car 10-50, unknown injuries.
Hwy 78 E: Van overturned in east bound lane.
Glade St.: Someone stole money out of his residence.
CR 94: Caller advised old Ford truck all over the road.
Wal-Mart: Two car 10-50 with no injuries.
St. Hwy 30 E: Subject is an Alzheimers patient and is trying to leave his  house. His wife said that he is not supposed to drive.
Church St.: Lady said a lady and her son threatened her husband with a knife.
CR 278: Wants to speak to an officer about suspicious activity going on around the house.
Captain D’s: Caller reported a guy on top of the building.
CR 183: Lady called and said her husband beat her and she doesn’t know were she is. Possibly on Hwy 9 N.
August 3
Gardens: Possible fight.
Hwy 9 N.: Someone threw a rock through the car windown.
Intersection Moss Hill & Bankhead: Lady advised that she had been rearended with no injuries. She needs a report.
CR 107: Man advised that an elderly man was driving a white Toyota Camry on the wrong side of the road. He also advised that he ran him off the road.
Garden Apartments: Manager wants to speak to an officer regarding a fight that happened last night on the property.
South Central: Caller advised that a black male had come to his home and threatened him and his wife. He needs to speak with an officer. He advised that the man had left in a black Chevrolet.
CR 107: Received a call advising that subject ran off in the ditch in front of this home. He left and went to CR 121.
Hwy 15 N.: Lady advised of a reckless driver.
Bankhead St.: Vehicle has something hanging off the side that is hitting vehicles as it passes.
Murrah Rd.: Two car 10-50. Caller in Ford Escape. Will be on side of bridge toward CR 107.
Hwy 30 W.: Lady advised of a child not being in a restraint.
Dr. Shand’s Office: 10-50 with no injuries.
Bankhead/State Farm: 10-50 with no injuries.
New St.: Caller advised that her boyfriend beat her up and is is pregnant. She wants to see an officer.
Garfield St.: Minor 10-50
Hwy 30 W.: 10-50 with no injuries.
Hwy 355: Burglary alarm.
East Wind Trailor Park: Cars spinning tires.
CR 22: Caller advised kids next door riding go carts and messing up her driveway.
St. Hwy 15 S.: Pilot Travel Center- guy passed out in floor.
August 4
Kangaroo: Fred’s truck dorve off with $300 worth of fuel.
Pizza Hut: Caller reported that the drver of a tanker truck has opened a valve and liquid is draining on the ground. It did not appear to be safe.
Stokes Supermarket: Two vehicle 10-50 wiht no reported injuries.
Rolling Hills Dr.: Daughter driving 2010 black Dodge Challenger- 19 year old white female. Driving from Little Rock to Jasper, AL in Mississippi at 10:20 p.m. last night.
Shoe Show: Truck has hit the back of a building.
Intersection of CR 81/CR 80: Caller reported a car sitting half on the grass and half in the road.
Hwy 30 W.: 10-53 vehicl near Huddle House.
Bankhead & 30 W.: Green Chevy, small car, driving reckless.
Hwy 15 S.: Fire alarm- ASI
CR 69: Disturbance between two females.
August 5
CR 150: Caller advised lines were down. He was uncertain as to whether they were power lines, cable ines or telephone lines.
CR 86: Man in white SUV with chrome on side got out at laundromat and was naked. Left and went back on 87.
Hwy 30 W & CR 51: Power line across road.
Nesbit Dr.: Caller stated a subject was there with a  knife and they had taken the knife away  from him, but needed a deputy.
Hwy 78 W M/M 64: 18-wheeler 10-58 on off ramp.
Megginson Lane: Caller advsied subjects 10-56 causing disturbance.
Grandview Dr.: Caller advissed subject beating on the door.
CR 87: Subject walking down the road with a tan car following.