Center Hill News, August 18, 2010

I reported last week that our message on Sunday morning was on Church Discipline and my toes got stepped on.  Well, Bro. Brandon preached out of I Corinthians 6 this past Sunday….and now my toes are black and blue!!! 


Sunday Night our pastor told us this would probably be the shortest message he would preach to us and the title of the message was three short words.  His text was taken out of I Corinthians 13 but we were told the story of Jacob and Esau, twin boys born to Isaac and his wife.  As we most know the story, Jacob was the spoiled child and Esau was the firstborn.  To read the story, it begins in Genesis 25.  After all the adversities Isaac’s sons went through in the end Esau, blessed by God, found it in his heart to forgive his brother, Jacob and let it go.  That was the title of the sermon, “Let It Go.”

No matter what has been done to us in the past or by whom we should do as God did for us when he saved us, throw it as far as from the East to the West, remember no more, forgive and let it go.  

Thank you, Bro. Brandon for being such a faithful follower and preaching to us what God knows we need to hear.  Next Sunday, I may have steel-toes shoes on with my dress.

Ben, Bro. Brandon and the rest of their crew made it home safely and without many bruises from their white water rafting.  They reported having a good time.

Mary Ellen and Ms. Frankie Lee were both at church Sunday, both just as pretty as pictures.  Mr. Frank was not able to be there.  Mr. Virgil said Ms. Frances was just about the same.  Inita stayed with her so Mr. Virgil could come to church. 

Jolene had visitors from North Carolina this past weekend.  DeAnna and Alana were here for a few days before their school starts back the end of the month.

Marie spent the weekend with her children and grandchildren in Byhalia this past weekend.  She said she really enjoyed her time with them.

Ladies, don’t forget….Thursday night, 7 PM, we will be meeting to reveal last year’s pals and to draw for next  year..  Come on and join us for the fun we anticipate for the following church year.

 Maxine says, “Age doesn’t make you forgetful.  Having way too many things to remember is what makes you forgetful!”