Etta News, August 18, 2010

The school bells have rung again and the students had to wake up earlier in the morning.  No sleep ins for the school bus will be on the routes to pick them up for another term and the summer vacation from school has flown by. Time waits for no one as it rolls on from time to time so make good use of it and learn all you can because you are the tomorrow and hopefully some good leaders will develop for the community when the time comes for that. 


    The things for school transportation have changed very much since my early years in school.  If one lived close enough to school the only transportation was walking but if not no buses only a covered wagon drawn by a team of mules and a bumpy ride if in cold weather when the grounds was frozen hard with the road surface like it was.     Now in a bus and at school before long when then it would take some hours.  What a difference between then and now with hard surfaced roads and better transportation.  Something to be so thankful for along with many other things.

The hot temps for the last few days have been with us.  One more thing to be so grateful for the electricity’s use to keep us cool if in the house.

I sure enjoyed hearing Kris talk about so many places and things he and Jennifer experienced while on their vacation in Europe.  But the best thing was they got back home safely.  They will have those memories to look back over for years to come.  Some places of interest he had read about in the Bible, they saw in person and made it more real.

Tom’s brother from Hawaii time will soon be over and back home he will fly.  Hopefully it will be a safe flight.

All the activities of VBS in the churches of the community are over too, and fall will be knocking on the doors soon for the beginning of another season of the year.

Friendship Church will be the host for the men’s breakfast lst Sunday in Sept. and the Wednesday night services that has been on hold will began meeting again on August 25th.

Charles Collier filled the pulpit for our pastor, Bro. Kyle Ivy, Sunday morning.  He was still at Maxwell Air Force Base fulfilling his duties there.

Get will wishes go out to all who are not up to par this hot weather and cooler days will arrive some of these days.

 The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.