Watch out for children

School is underway in both New Albany and Union County and it’s time to make our annual plea to drivers to be extra careful.

We already are seeing too many drivers speeding along near schools while talking on cell phones. During the summer time, we tend to forget about school speed limits. We hope law enforcement officers are out in force near schools to rein in the problem.
We also have more teenage drivers on the road during morning commute time. Being extra careful to watch out for less experienced drives often can prevent an accident from happening.
Even worse, in our mind, is the tendency by teen drivers to talk on the phone or even text while driving. As parents, we need to remind our children of the possible tragic consequences to such an activity.
Another problem this year is the construction that is beginning to occur on Highway 15 near New Albany High School. It’s only a matter of time before we have significant construction issues in front of the school that will try drivers’ patience.
We also need a reminder about stopped school buses. It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus from either direction while the bus has its red lights flashing. This is a particular problem in rural areas where children often have to cross a busy highway after getting off the bus.
We want our schools and our children to have a safe year. All of us have a role in making that happen.