Center Hill News, August 25, 2010

Greetings from our hot and dry side of the county. We’ve heard thunder rolling thru the sky several evenings and our eyes would widen with excitement, but thunder was usually all that reached us. The rain would go around or give out before it would reach Endville. 


Mr. Virgil gave us some okra and we put up several jars of pickled okra last week and it’s so good. Didn’t even know we liked pickled okra until we had some at a friend’s house so I got her recipe and put us up a few jars. They’re good now so I can just imagine how good they will be on a cold night of winter with peas and cornbread.

We had our Secret Pal dinner last Thursday night. We met at the Mexican Restaurant in Ecru. We had good food and wonderful fellowship. My Secret Pal for last year had me all figured out. She said I knew her all too well that every time she would think of something she needed or wanted, her secret pal would have it for her. I wanted to remain anonymous but maybe this year I figured mine out by process of elimination. Lois was so good to me this past year. The one thing that I received was a Vera Bradley cup with a top on it I used it all summer long down at the Lake because I could pour me a cup of coffee, go out on the deck to drink it, kept the top on it and never had to worry about bugs on my coffee cup. I love it. We drew again for the coming year and had several new ones to join so this is going to be a good year. We talked about some trips we would be taking and things we wanted to do.

Next Sunday will be 5th Sunday. That means there will be serious “cooking & eating” going on.  After lunch, we will return to the church for some good singing and fellowship. There will be no services Sunday night.

Our new church year will begin the 1st of September and we are all looking forward to a new year of learning more about our Lord and what he expects of us. I know this is a little early and I will continue to remind you as time grows nearer, but Center Hill will be hosting a week of Bible Study with Bro. Kevin Merritt beginning October 18th going through Friday of that week. We will be meeting at 7pm nightly.

More details will follow.

We sent our condolences to the Houston Pannell family. Ms. Sue, Mike and David, we are so sorry for your loss and pray for God to wrap his arms around each of you and give you the peace you each need. His grandsons, James and Josh Pannell are also in our prayers. We love you all.

Ms. Frances is doing about the same. Ms. Frankie was at church Sunday morning. She is still having problems but it was good to see her at church. Mary Ellen wasn’t feeling the best Sunday morning, but was at church. Mr. Frank was not able to be with us.

 Happy Birthday this week to Michael Anderson this past Monday, Aug. 23. Pam Lessel will celebrate today, Aug. 25. Josh McCraw will celebrate his last year before he gets into his third century on Aug. 26. Kristen Anderson will celebrate her birthday on Saturday, Aug. 28. I would like to say Happy birthday to my good friend Bonnie Graham who will also celebrate on Saturday the 28th.