County football starts practice

County football opened their second year with fall workouts last Thursday. Now practicing at East Union, head coach Scott Duley is taking the first few days to assess where his players are.
“Two major things these first few days are acclimation to the heat and their assessment of the game. We’re going to keep things very comfortable for them while we assess where they are as players,” he said.
Duley is working on a schedule for the squads, hoping to play around seven to eight games.
“What I would love to do is fill out the schedule a little more, but with most junior highs, they already have their schedules set, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to add any more junior high games, but with our JV, there are possibilities to add on some games with Mantachie, Biggersville and with some other JV squads,” he said.
The county football team is set to open their 2010 campaign on September 14.