Etta News, August 25, 2010

The cooler season of the year is getting closer at hand but the heat is still bearing down in the later part of summer.  How the time has been spent is now history and can’t be recalled.  But it will be cooler weather time soon because the time flies by so quickly.  Maybe some mistakes that were made in looking back can be helpful by not repeating them in the time ahead.


 It was pleasant sitting in the pew in comfort.  Where to be comfortable in my early years from the heat was a manual chose with a big old palmetto fan going back and forth by the owner with the arm generating the cool comfort not much at that now.  Push a button, settle down in comfort for the 11 o’clock service.  So much to be thankful for in that category.

 The hill above Salem Church has been cleared off and a new house is being built, soon to be occupied by its owners.  Where they can enjoy looking out to see all the views around from the hilltop.

My great granddaughter, Morgan Bishop, had a good time for her birthday over the weekend beside all the other activities that came her way.  One special friend, Emily, spent the night with her to cap off the occasion of all the other activities.  She and Emily had fun trying to trap a bird.  But they failed.  Their home made plan for the trap was not successful.  Their idea was quite amusing.

I surely did enjoy a visit of my nephew, Winford Hudson and wife, Elaine, Sunday afternoon and the nice tomatoes from their garden.  I will enjoy those for several days to come.  They have had a good tomato crop along with other vegetables.

I guess Tom’s brother, Guy, is home safely with his flight back home to Hawaii.  They had a get together at a hotel with all the relatives here who could make it for their last visit together on his leaving. 

Saturday afternoon, Tom, Shelby and Guy met Toms children, Jackie, Holly and friend and Chris and Kristy in Tupelo at the China Buffet for an afternoon meat before he left early the next morning. None of Toms children and grandchildren had been able to attend the other reunions and meals.

Getting back on the church schedule after the vacations, Friendship will host men’s breakfast,  the first Sunday in September and Wednesday night worship for the charge, August 25th, also at Friendship at 6:30.  Bro.  Ivy was very proud to have the training at Maxwell AirForce Base complete. 

 We send get well wishes out to all those who are not doing too well these days.  Some are originally from Salem but moved away.  Hope they all will get better soon.

 Sammie and U.V. Hudson have gotten back in their regular schedule of church services after her surgery and other health problems they have had recently. 

They are from a neighboring church, Christian Rest.  Also hope that Darrel Garrison and wife, Doris, are doing better from Bethel Church.  Haven’t heard the latest on them.

 Also a Happy Birthday Wish to my grandson, Kris Bishop, the 28th of August.  May he have many more.