NAHS News, August 25, 2010

Ryli Brown


Well Bulldogs, we survived our first full week of school! Give yourselves a pat on the back. Whether you were learning your ropes around the Elementary School, getting the hang of switching to new classes at the Middle School, or finally able to open your lockers at the High School, we made it.


This past week, we took votes for the Homecoming court, and ladies and gentlemen, we have the results. Queen: Anna Claire Stokes, Maids: Victoria Clift, Kaitlyn Cochran, Brittany Ellett, Ellen Tarrant, Porche White, and Paige Witt. Congratulations to you all!

Friday, New Albany played against Boonville for the first football game of the season. Our Bulldogs won 27-11. Our next football game is this Friday against Ripley at home. The cheerleaders are hosting the annual Bully-Q this Friday from 4:30-7:00 in the NAHS cafeteria. A plate includes a BBQ sandwich, baked beans, slaw, a cookie, and a drink all for ten dollars! If you would like to order a dinner, buy a ticket from a cheerleader. Overtime will be held at the First Presbyterian Church. Band Fees need to be paid-see Mr. Eubanks. Softball played against Kossuth this past Thursday night. Junior Varsity won 9-2 and Varsity won 6-0. Cross Country has a meet this Saturday in Tupelo. Girls start at 6:30 and boys start at 7:30. FCA starts this Wednesday morning at 7:25 and will continue every Wednesday.

The 2010 New Albany Homecoming T-shirts are now on sale. Order forms are in all of the school offices and teachers boxes at NAES. The short sleeve shirts are light gray and have maroon, white and black ink colors. The cost is $12 and all proceeds go to the journalism class. Orders are due back by September 3!

 So, New Albany, this is where we part. I hope we can all stick together and make this year a year to remember.