Playhouse, August 25, 2010

He pushed his way through the door without a knock, ignoring the doorbell. I was braced for his arrival, hoping he would be late this year, but he wasn’t. He had seen the first leaves gather under the cherry tree, heard the turtle doves, and had felt that touch of fall in the air.


He followed me to my study and cast his imposing shadow over my calendar. “Let me look with you,” Mr. Overwhelm said in his taunting voice. “Bible Study – just got started – every Thursday – lot of extra study time, isn’t that right?” He didn’t wait for a reply but pointed out the busy photography schedule that rides in with the school buses.

“My, my – busy, busy – looks like you may have some late hours in the studio. Sure you can keep up with your work and the nursing home visits?” he asked while checking my shrinking composure.

It was ridiculous how he kept up with my time. I pulled a book over my calendar to stop his spying eyes, but knew he was probably aware of Sunday School responsibilities and study. He’d also know of the time needed to visit our Birmingham and Brandon families. Add the visits to check on Mammaw too. Mr. Overwhelm leaned closer – his presence almost suffocating me.

“Think the ‘Playhouse’ will find a spot somewhere?” he added with an irritating laugh.

I quickly pulled my Bible Study notes from under my calendar. “Look at this,” I said pointing to Scripture references.

“My God has all power and might and gives strength to all. He comprehends my path and my lying down. He is acquainted with all my ways. Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not – they are new every morning. He alone does great wonders.”

“Sure, Mr. Overwhelm, there will be days and nights that you will want to take up lodging in our home, but the welcome mat is NOT out! You’ll also want to be around when I feel like crawling under the bed to escape tribulation and trials that we all must face. But I won’t run to you – no pity parties here! Instead I’ll run to God – the eternal God is my refuge! And by the way, the victory has already been won over all of life’s trials thanks to Jesus.”

I turned to stand, feeling the strength of God’s presence as a result of changing my focus. 

“Now what can you say to that, Mr. Overwhelm?” I asked, but there was no reply. 

 The front door slammed with a jar. The villain was gone. Notch another victory for my God, the One who draws near.