Ellistown Breezes, August 27, 2010

Deepest sympathy to the family of Levi Houston Pannell who was buried at Ellistown last Saturday.  Houston, Sue, and their family are long time members of the community and dear to the hearts of people who know them.  Our prayers are with the family.


Our community is abuzz with students getting settled in school for another wonderful year of learning.  Last minute shoppers are busy buying things they couldn’t buy earlier until their child or children had decided on what sports, etc., in which they would participate.  Best wishes to Lucas Wigington who suffered a broken leg during football practice recently.  Sport shoes, WOW! If old Mother Goose lived in a shoe these days she would have to get a loan to buy the shoe.  Sport shoes are beautiful in today’s world, however, we had just as much fun wearing the old solid white, cover the ankle shoes of our day.

August seems to hold a lot of birthdays.  Happy Birthday to Marty Roberts and Dexter Griggs on Aug. 24, to Cirstie McCraw, Dana Reeder and Rusty Wilkinson on Aug. 25, to Benny Ray and Lynda Mae Roberts (twins) on Aug. 26, to Hugh McCraw on Aug. 27, and to Tyson McCraw Monday, Aug. 30.

Mrs. Frances Wigington underwent surgery for colon cancer last week.  I understand she is doing great now.  I talked with her the weekend before she was to have surgery and I was so hoarse she could hardly understand me.  I am finishing my medicine from the clinic visit today (three weeks later) and I am still hoarse.  I had planned to go to my doctor last week but, frankly, I didn’t have strength to get dressed and go and the battery in my car was dead so that took first priority.  If you have ever coughed for three weeks straight, you will understand. Maybe tomorrow.

Patsy came down Saturday and I had planned to go to Houston’s funeral with her but the coughing wouldn’t let up.  She said she and the girls had an enjoyable time on their Florida vacation. She reported a great time but the girls were ready to see Mom and Dad after a week.

Strange things happen sometime out here in the country.  It is not unusual to see deer, rabbits, coyotes, an occasional wolf, or other odd animals moving around.  A few days ago, I saw something cross our road that I had trouble identifying.  It had a large brown body with a white head and very short legs. 

The animal was really moving on those short legs.  I at first thought it was a sheep but when talking with Katie she told me she thought I had seen a wild hog.  I argued that the animal was very large for a hog but she assured me wild hogs grow quite large.

Many times I will be talking to Patsy and look up the road and see deer crossing, so I will tell her to tell the girls I am watching deer. They try so hard to see deer when they come to visit and sometimes they do get to see them.

About 9 p.m. Sunday night I heard a knock on my door and it was a young man wanting to used my phone.  Although he was a clean cut looking fellow, I did not know him and sent him a couple of doors down.  In the meantime, I called Bennie, a neighbor, and asked if he could come see if he could help the young man. When I looked out my kitchen window, I discovered my yard was filled with horses and riders, all wearing the same colors.  Now if the young man had said he was with a riding club and they had lost one of their riders, I would have handed him my phone, I think.

 I apologize for not getting last weeks news into the paper and have tried to combine both weeks.  Having to miss church three weeks in a row is not my plan and I pray the Lord will let me attend this coming Sunday.