Gardening With Tim

Yard work is about at a halt right now except for mowing and watering.  Even the weeds are not growing much.  If you have a garden, you are probably busy keeping it picked and watered.  The local farmers that I have talked to are all needing some rain.  Crops are coming along, but slowly.  The only thing growing faster than I can pick it is squash and peas.  


I had a question about brown spots in the yard.  These spots are known as Large Patch or Brown Patch.  They are usually caused by a fungus that attacks the roots.  You should check the nitrogen levels in the area first as this can also be the problem.  If this is the case, correct your fertilization practices to lower the nitrogen levels.  If this is not the case, then you can spray the area with a good fungicide.  

There are several good ones out there, including myclobutanil and propiconazole.  My particular favorite is mancozeb.  This is also a good fungicide for your roses to control black spot. 

As always, please read the labels on the chemical bottles and especially pay close attention to the safety precautions and wear protective clothing when spraying.

Things to do this time of year are to sit back and take in the beauty that’s blooming in your yard and have a cold glass of iced tea.  You can keep annuals and other flowering plants dead headed, trim your herbs back to about half to keep them from going to seed just yet, and keep your cucumbers, squash, and okra picked.  Overripe vegetables left on the vine will prevent them from producing new blooms.  Take the herbs that you clipped and dry what you need for the winter and give the abundance to your culinary friends.

I would like to remind parents to check their children closely this time of year for ticks.  They are really bad this year.  I have pulled several off of me in the last week and one off of my grandson.

Keep those hummingbird feeders filled up and they will bless you with hours of entertainment.  This is their busy season cause they will start their migration soon.   

If you have any questions, send me an e-mail at colorsbytim@hotmail.comor leave me a message at the Union County Extension Office at 662-534-1916.  

 See you next time and Happy Gardening.