Macedonia News, August 27, 2010

Lou McQuary


Kenny Cooper is home after staying in Tupelo hospital for over a month.  He still isn’t back to 100 percent, but hopefully he will continue gaining strength.  He appreciates all the prayers and concern shown during this time of recovery.


During the Union County Fair, two young Macedonia boys placed in the Little Tiny Mr. Union County Pageant.  Congratulations to Gage Robbins, 3-year old son of April and Jason Robbins and to Garrison Carpenter, 2-year old son of Joni and Eric Carpenter.

On Friday, August 20th, longtime resident of Macedonia, Kathy Robertson Sipes, gave birth to a very special baby boy.  Jonas weighed 9 pounds 7 ounces and was 21-1/2 inches long. Kathy and her husband. T.J., live in the Friendship community in Pontotoc County.  Everybody at Macedonia rejoices with Kathy and T.J. for we know this is a very blessed day for the entire family.  If I were a betting person, I’d wager that Jonas will be a singer.  I haven’t met a Robertson yet who couldn’t sing!

Saturday afternoon most of Lou and Larry McQuary’s family gathered for a cookout. Nicole McQuary and girls, Anna Claire and Abbie McQuary, were able to get away for the day.  Audrey and Caroline Wigington and Scott, Hunter, and Hannah McQuary joined in the fun. Granddog Sadie also came along and enjoyed a swim in the pool with the girls.  Nicole and Jack moved to Tishomingo County over a year ago, and we cherish the times we can spend together.

Beauty Revue stores are buzzing with girls shopping for just the right dresses to dazzle the judges.  The elementary beauty revue at West Union is Thursday, September 16, and the junior high and high school beauty revue is Friday, September 17.  Make plans to attend these two events.  We have some mighty pretty southern belles in this area!

The children’s committee of Macedonia Baptist Church has been busy planning for the new program, Safari Café, which will begin Wednesday night, September 1 at 6 :30 p.m.  Children ages 2-5 as well as grades K-6 are involved int his program.  Mike and Regina Garrett have been putting their heads together deciding on how to construct the café.  They are talented decorators and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  Whatever it is I am sure it will be fantastic!!!

Beginning September 5, Macedonia Baptist Church will begin eight weeks fo classes on Sunday night at 6 p.m.  There is a choice of five different classes so I am sure you can find just the right one for you.  Come and join us for an in-depth study of God’s word.

Friday night, August 27, there will be a meeting of all interested men and their sons at the home of Ginger and Stephen Harrell at 6 p.m. “How to Pray Effectively” will be the topic of the meeting.  Come and give your input, men!!!

On Sunday, August 29, there will be a bridal shower for Anna Taylor in the Family Life Center of Macedonia Baptist Church at 2 p.m.  Anna is engaged to Rusty Robbins.

There was a mistake in the August 6th edition of the news. Jack McQuary was ordained as a minister instead of a deacon.  I told my editor, Larry McQuary, that he let that one get by him.  He usually keeps me straight.

 Thought for the week:  The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.