Etta News, September 1, 2010

We were able to enjoy a day with light showers falling instead of a hot sunshine coming down in full force.  It was still hot but not like it had been for the last few days with the heat of the sun. 


At least it was a little break during Sunday.  I guess it was good for the turnip seed that had been sown.  Maybe the seeds will sprout now and come on out and began to grow with a little evidence of going to the garden instead of the grocery store for a change to get part of our food that is so enjoyable, once in a while fresh from our garden.

The homecoming day for one of the churches on our charge is now history for this year.  Union Hill has that day behind them now and cannot be recalled.  The day consisted of congregational singing with specials and worship service with former pastor, Rev. Dwain Whitehurst, at the 11:00 hour.  A full house enjoyed the morning.  The guest pianist was Debbie Kirk. After lunch again congregational singing with specials followed by the group Breakin’ Grass which closed out the afternoon.

These homecomings are far from what it used to be when singers would come from far and near.  These days are gone and not many young people are interested now as it was in the past when singing schools were taught to the younger generation.  Much good singing was enjoyed during the day.  As the old saying, You can’t stand still-you either go forward or backward.  So maybe in our day a little of both has come and those good old days are just memories for us older people.

My great granddaughter, Morgan Bishop, has finally succeeded in her long waiting of catching a bird in her temporary bird trap.  She caught one and was so proud of her accomplishment.  She was sitting on my front porch watching for that  to happen.  She ran out after the bird that got under the trap, pulled the string on the trigger and the trap fell.  She ran out there in great joy that she had finally succeeded.  She will tell her class mates in school that it finally happened.  What she had waited so patiently for.

Tom’s brother from Hawaii called when he got back home that he was home safely with his family.  Its a small world now but yet so big.

The little humming birds have been having a picnic today at my feeders.  They may know it will soon be time for them to take their flight for their winter home.

I’ve surely enjoyed the nice home grown tomatoes my nephew, Winford and wife Elaine, brought me the other day.  I say thanks again for the visit and the tomatoes from down Tupelo way.  I sure did enjoy their visit with me.

Morgan was thrilled again she caught another bird pretty soon, came running in to show me she caught another bird.  I guess her temporary trap paid off after her long wait while she was out of school on the weekend.  She will be thrilled to tell her class mates about it.

Wednesday Night Worship continues this week at Friendship at 6:30.  The Salem Family Theater will show “Letters to God” on Thursday, Sept. 2 at 6:30.  Free admission, free popcorn and free drinks.

Men’s Breakfast will be hosted by Friendship, the first Sunday in September.

 Shelby went to Ripley on day last week for a small reception for Jimmy Downs.  He is retiring the last of August. His former employees, some family members and close friends attended the surprise reception.  He worked some over 39 years waiting for this day.