New Haven News, September 1, 2010

Lori Beth Elder


We’re back, bigger and better than ever, and we love our new bus!  Hi, my name is Lori Beth Elder and I want to tell you all that we have been doing at New Haven since we returned.


We have 26 attending this year, and this is probably the largest enrollment ever.  I am starting my second year at New Haven.  Others returning from last year include Justin Bates, Katie Blythe, Alexis Braxton, Essence Cannon, Ricky Joe Caviness, Deb Cook, Will Floyd, Deborah Griffin, Alisa Ingle, Amber Jackson, Glenn Jumper, Jeana Koon, Jennifer Manning, Patrick McKenzie, James Moroney, Shane Rhea, Tabitha Roberson, Jake Russell, Katie Tutor, and Josh Turner. We are happy to welcome back Don Nauta and Andrew Simpson who had previously attended, and welcome first timers Charlessa McKenzie, Clifford McKenzie, and Jake Smith. We are very happy to have Ruby Johnson, Stella Williams, Dorthy Denton (DD), Price Livington, and Collett Cross (CC) with us this year.  This will be Ruby’s 29th year at New Haven!

Our first day back was August 5.  We started that day so we could go to the fair.  Before we left to go to the fair, our Wal-Mart DC buddies, J Mac, Marcus, Leonard, Steve, and Mike surprised us with what we thought was a regular visit.  Little did we know they were there to show us the 55” TV they were giving us.  You have never seen such a big TV! 

The trip to the fair was even more exciting than ever because it was our first official trip on the bus.  We have a new friend, Mike Grisham or Mr. Mike to us, who drove us to the fair.  We went through town blowing the horn and waving.  The bus is beautiful! It is so easy to get off and on, the seats are comfortable, and best of all, there is room for all of us to ride together!

We enjoyed the entertainment and the delicious meal at the fair.  We had our blood pressure checked.  We also received bags from BanCorp South and fans from Baptist Hospital Union County. Of course, we always enjoy talking to people we see.  One of the main reasons we like going to the fair is to view the exhibits and see if we win ribbons.  We entered 20 plants and nine bracelets, and we won 19 blue ribbons and ten red ribbons.

We want to do more next year. If anyone wants to help us with a new entry, we would love it because that is how we got started about three years ago.  Ms. Patrice Smith taught us how to make bracelets and the Northside Garden Club helped us pot our first plants.

Many of our volunteers are back this year.  Ms. Lanta Craig came on our second day and will be coming most Fridays for music.  We’ve started learning some new songs and also the “Hokey Pokey.” We are really excited about singing with Ms. Mary Haskell on Thursday night, September 2.  She visited New Haven to listen to us sing.  We sang “Mississippi” and “She’ll  Be Coming Around the Mountain”. She is so nice.  She talked to us about being in movies and when she was Miss Mississippi.  We hope a lot of people come hear us sing with her. If Ms. Lanta didn’t do music with us, we would not get to do this. 

Ms. Joy Hill is also back this year.  She is so much fun and really keeps up moving.  She has fun music and games, and we look forward to her visits. Even though it is fun for us, we know it is work for her to bring all her stuff and plan things for us.  

Even though most of us didn’t bowl over the summer, we are still pretty good.  Mr. Wayne Dye opens the bowling alley for us twice a month and does not charge us to bowl.  All of us enjoy bowling.  

Our first visit to the museum was fun.  We made cards about ourselves.  Ms. Jill and Ms. Janet always have a fun activity planned for us.  Ms. Marjorie Livingston volunteering from the Dogwood Hills Garden Club was there to help us, and Ms. Betty King volunteering from the Pilot Club of New Albany came and sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with us. 

We have a craft activity planned and we need baby food jars.  If anyone has the larger size glass jars with the lid that you can save for us, we will put them to good use.

I have tried to tell you about most of the first two weeks.  I think you can tell we stay on the go. 

 There’s still more to tell about other visitors and new activities, but you will have to wait until next week.  We hope you will read each week.  I hope your week will be as good ours!