West Union cheerleaders receive awards, host camp

West Union recently held a youth cheerleading camp at the school. Participants include: (pre-k and kindgergarten) Katie Coffey, Maxie Morris, Emma Howard, Bella Brock, Mallie Grace Morris, Hope Herod, Hanna Hearn, Lulu Williams, Laina Corder, Chloe Frazier, Camryn Frazier (1st grade) Robin Elgin, Emma Claire Callicut, Carly Farzier, Elizabeth Bailey, Olivia Toothe, Cydney Coffey, Emma Kate Young, Josie Baird, Claire Beth Douell, Macy Whittington, Alana Holguin, Isabella Childers (2nd grade) Victoria Jennings, Karegan Boothe, Abby Haynie, Reagan Moffit, Alexis Floyd, Halo Floyd, Mary Greer, Mackenzie Morris, Eden Conlee, Sophie Hooker, Anniston Orman, Lauren Yarbrough (3rd grade) Jordan Thomas, Maddi Hudson , Molly Porter (4th grade) Jennah Morris, Anna Grubbs, Madison Gray, Parker, Childers, Alexis Boren. West Union cheerleaders include: Noel Long, Courtney Dillard, Alex Orman, Autumn Benefield, Lakin Nowlin, Reagan Coffey, Kayla Wilson, Amber Brock, Julie Canoy and Kyler Bates.


The varsity cheerleders also attended a camp at Ole Miss during the summer. The squad won the 2010 camp champ in ssmall varsity, as well as five ribbons for excellence in cheer and dance. Autumn Benefield was named an All-American cheerleader.