Making the grade

The results of Mississippi standardized tests in the schools have been released and they generally show decent scores for both New Albany city schools and Union County schools.

In New Albany schools, the overall scores showed little change from the prior year, dipping one point to 180. But Dr. Charles Garrett, superintendent, said although they still are among the state’s better scores, he sees room for improvement.
“This is the first time that our scores have not increased in five or six years. We prefer to see them improving,” he said.
In Union County, Superintendent Ken Basil said the district remains high performing and is one of the top 26 in the state. The district score was 169. West Union was 175, Ingomar, 173, Myrtle 171 and East Union 160.
Basil said East Union has not made the required “adequate yearly progress” mandated by the state the past two years and the district has set in motion plans to focus on certain areas, especially math at the elementary and junior high levels.
We think all of our schools have done well considering the challenging federal and state mandates, and the difficulty in receiving enough financial support, especially at the state level, to meet the needs.
We’re proud of our public schools in New Albany and Union County. We know our school administrators, teachers and students are working hard to provide a quality education for all of our students.
They need our support, both in words and operating tax revenue.