Center Hill News, September 3, 2010

Oh, what beautiful weather we’ve had for the past 2 or 3 days…..It’s raining outside right now…just a slow and lazy drizzle and sooooo nice!!! We needed the rain, but then our Lord already knew that, didn’t He???? He always know what we need before we ever ask, doesn’t He?


We had a wonderful Lord’s Day at Center Hill on Sunday. It was 5th Sunday so after we heard a wonderful sermon out of 1 Corinthians. Everyone went up to the Fellowship Building for some “serious eating”. Then we heard some beautiful singing after lunch. I understand Endville also had a wonderful Lord’s Day. I would like to “quote” my friend, Louise Franklin. She said, “Eric Henson & Family did a tremendous job @ Endville this A.M. I know services went a little longer than normal, but who are we to say church is on a time schedule. If a ballgame went into “overtime”, we would sat there and never complain!!…….Now, I don’t care who you are…..that’s the truth!!!

Keith and Lois Herring made a trip to Jackson this past weekend for her class reunion. While there, they also visited with son, Matt and Denise, her sister, Jo, who has just relocated to the Jackson area….as then came back through Yazoo City to check on her parents. Glad they had safe travels and were able to spend time with friends and family. We always miss our Sunday School Teacher when he’s not there, but he always comes back with good stories to share.

Tonight will be our monthly business meeting at church. New officers, teachers and budget will be submitted. We will also have our regular Bible Study so we invite you to come out and join us. Members, you need to be present if you have something you need to bring before the church.

Mr. Virgil and Ms. Frances are about the same……Ms. Frances is not gaining any ground and Mr. Virgil is just the best “caregiver” ever. “Daddy” (that’s what Ms. Frances calls him) gets called at least three dozen times a day….and he’s up and doing all the time. 

Bless her heart, some of the time she doesn’t realize she’s calling him, but just wants to make sure he’s there with her. Some of us tease her about taking him off somewhere for a day or two….but she will having nothing to do with that! She wants him right with her.

Ms. Frankie or Mary Ellen were at church on Sunday. Neither was Mr. Frank. Hope they are enjoying this cooler weather and will be able to be up and out real soon.

Secret Pals, we need to see how many will be able to go to Cordova on Friday, September 17th. I know some work but was wondering if it would be possible to take a day off…..or even if you want to go. By Sunday, September 12th, or before, please let me know if you plan to go.

 It will be a full day’s trip with lots of laughs, food and hopefully bargains.

 Happy Birthday this week to Ms. Frances Herring. She will celebrate her 86th on Friday, September 3rd. Charlotte McCord and Ben Pannell will celebrate another birthday on Saturday 4th. Lisa will be singing Happy Birthday to Bert Bryant Sunday morning, Sept. 5.