First golfing experience

By now, it’s no secret that I live in Oxford, as it’s something that’s come up in conversation many times over the last two years. Whenever I find myself talking to people about where I live and why, I always find myself saying the same phrase at some point:

“Yeah, I live on a golf course, but I’ve never golfed before.”
I’ve told many of you for some time now that I’ve wanted to take up the sport, especially after watching some of the area youngsters play in various tournaments. Despite my several attempts, I never got around to playing until about a month ago while visiting with my brother in Birmingham.
Big bro surprised me with an early Christmas/birthday present in the form of a set of clubs, and he even went as far as to plan a whole golf day out at a local course. He’s only played for about a year or so himself, so we took advantage of the brother/sister bonding time while attempting to play a few holes.
I took notice to several things throughout the trip. For one, I’m happy to report that the clubs do not weigh more than me (seriously, looking at a couple of them, I thought I was going to struggle). Also, playing golf is a lot harder than it looks.
First, a little about my clubs. My brother bought me a beginner set, but that’s not important. See, I grew up a huge Tennessee fan, so he bought me a beautiful Vols bag for my clubs. I would have enjoyed showing them off more had we not been in the heart of Bama country, and I’m happy to still be alive to tell this story.
Now, I thought it best to spend some time at the driving range first, since I thought teeing off would be the hardest thing for me. Surprisingly, it was the easiest, and I have discovered that I hate irons. Pretty sure I spent more time hitting the green than the ball with those.
We managed to make it through about seven holes before we were exhausted (we were also the geniuses who decided to golf in the middle of the day), and overall I found it to be challenging, yet relaxing.
My goal is to try some of the area courses, including the one I live on. I’ll be more than happy to take advice from any of you willing to dish it out (that goes for all the kids as well).
Golf is a sport I like to give as much coverage to as possible, because let’s face it, it’s tough what these kids do every day, and it’s a difficult sport to take up.
So maybe I’ll find some time to hit the course with some of you, but until then, I will go back to working on my new goal: beating Ingomar’s Molly Hale.
Wishful thinking, I know.