Vuteq to hear from Toyota soon

As Toyota recently began accepting applications for a number of positions at its Blue Springs plant, officials with Diversity-Vuteq say they expect to meet with Toyota executives soon to discuss its role in the Corolla production.

“We expect to meet with Toyota either this week or next week to discuss it,” said Diversity-Vuteq-New Albany President Chris Spence.  “We’ll hear then what kind of work we’ll be doing.”

Spence said that, during the upcoming meeting, he expects that Toyota officials will lay out the the company’s plans for production, slated to begin in late summer or early fall of 2011.

“We haven’t been given the scope of work yet, and still have not seen the master plans for production,”  Spence said.  “After that time, we’ll have a better idea and begin the employment process.”

Diversity-Vuteq, a Japan-based Tier One Supplier for Toyota, announced in March 2008 that it would be building its plant in Union County.  At that time, the company stated that it would bring 630 jobs to the local market, with 130 of its employees working at its location in the Martintown Industrial Park and the other 500 employees working on-site at Toyota’s Blue Springs plant.

Diversity-Vuteq originally announced its plans to open a facility in Union County when Toyota still planned to make the Highlander.  The supplier does, however, have experience making parts for the Corolla at its plants in Canada and California. 

Typically, Diversity-Vuteq specializes in plastics, injection, molding, sequencing and assembly.