Blue Springs still waiting on further details about possible annexation

The Village of Blue Springs may be annexed in the future but nothing is set in stone yet as to how much land will be annexed, when, and where. Many city and county planners, Blue Springs Mayor David Boland, Union County Board of Supervisors Attorney Thad Mueller, proponents of the Blue Springs Comprehensive Plan, Toyota officials, and more will still have to meet and discuss these annexation plans.

“I am still waiting to meet with Thad Mueller, somebody from Three Rivers Planning and  Development District, and other businessmen to discuss annexation,” said Mayor Boland.

One of the issues halting the possible annexation is the need for the village to provide more services to the residents like fire, water, police protection, and more. In addition, costs need to be considered for the annexation, building codes need to be perused over, as well as looking at land deeds for property in and around Blue Springs.

In the past, Mayor Boland said that he had talked to Mueller, Union County Fire Coordinator Steve Coker, and others about the annexation process, but his concern was the fact that citizens that live in the city have a fire rating of 10 and those that live in the county have a fire rating of eight.

Currently, houses that are located within the Southeastern Fire Department district have a rating of eight and residents in the city limits have a rating of nine. A lower fire rating means that the homeowner’s insurance rates will decrease. According to Coker, there are a lot of steps that need to be 

Land was recently purchased near Blue Springs City Hall with the plan of putting a fire department on the land in order to offer closer fire protection to Blue Springs residents.

The Aldermen agreed to discuss the annexation in further detail once more information was gathered. 

Other items discussed at the meeting were approvals, the millage rate, and more.

The millage rate for Blue Springs is remaining the same. At the July 13, 2010 Blue Springs Aldermen meeting, the board had carried the motion to raise the millage rate from 9.35 to 10 percent. September 2008 was the last time that Blue Springs increased the millage rate. At that time, it was increased from 8.5 to 9.35 percent. However, the board decided not to increase the millage rate.

Blue Springs Alderman Leanna Hollis said that the cost of advertising the raise of the milage rate in the New Albany Gazette would be $600, which would not be cost-effective for the village.

The board members adopted the proposed 2011 budget, which can be amended at any time.

The baord approved last month’s meeting minutes, the claims docket, and the budget review.

Blue Springs Day is rescheduled for a weekend in April 2011.

The board adjourned until their next board meeting on October 5, 2010 at 6 p.m. at Blue Springs City Hall. The public is invited to attend.