Garage sale? No, not really

I was taking the kitchen trash bag out to the garbage can at the side of the house Saturday morning when a car rolled to a stop in front of our house. Before the couple could get out, I pointed down the street to where a yard sale was under way and they moved on.

And the Saturday before that, a lady stopped in front of our garage and asked, “Is this where the moving sale is.?”
It is a sign, I guess, that we really need to do something about our garage.
There’s so much stuff stacked up in there that our cars won’t fit.
My only defense is that it is not as bad as it was. When we moved into the house in May, boxes were stacked to the ceiling of the garage and there only was a narrow path to the door.
We made good progress for while. But three months later, the stacks are still taller than me. There’s the stuff we’ve accumulated for a yard sale, but we haven’t gotten around to having one. That stack just keeps getting larger.
Jenny’s teaching materials for first and second grade (she’s teaching fourth this year) occupy another part of the garage. She’s rummaged through most of the boxes, looking for things she needs in her current classroom, but they are too heavy to move to the attic.
And there are all of the “garage” boxes – things that need to be unpacked and put away in the garage once we have enough space cleared to do it.
Several boxes have tools, rakes, and the like that need to be hung on pegboards.
I’ve put off that chore because I don’t have pegboards, and they would be too big to fit in one of our cars. Yes, I know. Several of our friends own trucks and the Lowe’s is less than a mile away.
There also are eight boxes of things that belong to Morgan, my 34-year-old daughter, who lives in Pittsburgh. Originally, there were 20, but she sorted through them and tossed out lots of childhood memories when she and her husband visited us in July. She took back with them what would fit in their car; I promised to ship the other eight to her. But I haven’t gotten around to it.
We even can thank Joe for part of the mess. Before he left for college last month, we insisted that he only keep what was really necessary in his room, so the overflow went to the garage. He also realized before he left that he was officially finished with 18-years-worth of toys, so his childhood memories are there, too, alongside Morgan’s.
And now it’s officially couch-potato season. Football has began and I pretty much plan my weekends around watching college games on Saturday and the National Football League on Sunday.
Being married to someone who is almost as big a sports fan as me means there’s no one to guilt me into accomplishing much in the garage.
I could just make a pledge to myself to make a lot of progress this fall, though, so we can have our cars in the garage during winter weather.
Or, I could just watch lots of football, and keep the garage door closed on Saturday mornings when people are driving through the neighborhood looking for garage sales.

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