Macedonia News, September 10, 2010

Lou McQuary


I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day holiday.  The students got an extra day off due to professional development for the teachers, so the students were treated to a three day school week!  Hey gng do y’all realize one ninth of the school year has been completed!

Ben and Susan McClelland treated Shirley Shirley to a birthday supper at their home on Sunday night, August 29th.  Almost all of the family except Jimmy and Angela Shirley were able to attend.  Shirley’s birthday was Sept. 1.

Sheila Childers and her girls spent several days in Gulf Shores, Alabama as a farewell to summer. I am sure they had a big “hen party” while they were all together.

Kathy Robertson Sipes has been under the weather, running  a high fever due to an infection in her incision.  After a visit to the doctor and some prescribed antibiotics, Kathy should rebound from this quickly.  I know she wants to fully enjoy every minute with her new bouncing baby boy, Jonas.

The Macedonia Baptist Church Safari Café was well attended on the beginning night, Wednesday, September 1st. The kits were delighted to eat in the new café constructed by Mike and Regina Garrett.  Those tow make quite a team-give them a job and they can come up with some mighty creative ideas!

The Wednesday night program consists of Bible study, singing and drama, as well as snacking in the café.  Make plans for your child to attend on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.

Mandi McQuary spent a long weekend with her family and friends.  Mary Hargrove and Maddie McQuary picked Mandi up at the Jackson airport Friday, Sept. 3.  Maddie had been looking forward to this reunion for a long time.  Mandi will finish up as a travel nurse in Houston, Texas around the middle of October. Maddie is counting the days until her mother finishes her work in Houston.

Saturday, September 5, Brittany Edwards and Ryan Russell were united in marriage at Ingomar Baptist Church.  The sanctuary as well as the family life building were beautifully decorated in watermelon pink and were adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements.  Kathy Knighton catered the reception, and the food was absolutely scrumptious.  The bride and groom made an unusual departure – on the back of a fire truck!  Bells and whistles clanged as they were whisked away.  The bride and groom will reside in Ryan’s grandfather’s home at Enterpirse.

James Shirley’s family gathered at Wall Doxey on Sunday, September 6th for the Wilder family reunion.  The descendants of James Shirley’s mother, Mrs. Eleanor Shirley, were well represented, but most of the other descendants have died off, bringing a little bit of sadness to the day.

As the members of Macedonia Baptist Church pulled into the parking lot for worship on Sunday, they were greeted by a newly covered roof on the sanctuary frame.  Plumbing and pouring the concrete for the flooring are next on the agenda.

You are invited to a bridal tea for Magan Scott on Sunday, September 12th, at Macedonia Baptist Church Family Life Center from 2 pm until 3:30 pm.  Magon is engaged to Jonathan Williams and is the daughter of Mike and Lesa Scott.  She is registered at Wal-Mart; Belk; Bed, Bath, and Beyond; and Southern Traditions.

Our Sunday night classes at Macedonia Baptist Church started September 5th at 6 pm.  Being a part of a small study group is a great way to grow spiritually. We invite you to come and join us.

 Thought for the week:  Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, noting is impossible.