New Haven News, September 8, 2010

Patrick McKenzie


Hello, I am Patrick McKenzie. I am starting my third year at New Haven.  I enjoy all the things that we do, but I really like working to recycle  the cans.  We received many bags of cans over the summer, and we spent a couple of days getting them ready to sell.  We try to get as many in a bag as we can.  We use a trash compactor that Mr. Othel and Ms. Camille Anding gave us last year or a can crusher that Jennifer’s parents gave us to crush the cans; sometimes we just step on them. We pull the tabs off to save for St. Jude. We don’t always know who leaves cans for us, but I do know that we have received some recently from Ms. Laura Surles, Ms. Anne Shirley, Mr. Hubert Foley, Mr. Hershel and Ms. Wanda Johnson, Mr. Wayne and Ms. Rheta Ann West, Ms. Nell Boland, Ms. Betty and Mr. Charlie Sims, and Mr. Jimmy Yarbrough brought cans from the city.  We had enough for our Can Man, Mr. Johnny Davis, to sell. We made $105.20.  We are saving our can money to pay for our trip to take the tabs to St. Jude and we want to go to Graceland. If you are not saving cans for us, we sure wish you would think about it.

We have two new activities this year.  We are going to visit Dogwood Plantation once a month.  We chose Dogwood because we will get to see Ms. Gladys Davis and James’ grandmother, Ms. Wise, and our new friend we met last year, Mr. Don Parker.  On our first visit we introduced ourselves to the residents and then the residents introduced themselves to us.  We met a Mr. Will who told us he didn’t have a last name.  We didn’t really believe him, but we are going to think of a last name for him. We found out that Ms. Irene Gardener had an August birthday and we surprised her by singing Happy Birthday. 

August was a good birthday month for us. Price’s birthday was Friday the 13th, but we surprised him with a party on Monday the 16th.  We also celebrated Will and Shane’s August birthdays. Will’s parents brought cake, ice cream, and noise makers to help us celebrate Will’s birthday.  Ruby made a cake for Shane and his mother brought ice cream for us.  Price had a marble cake decorated with red and blue. 

Thanks to Stacy Stepp Peaster, we will be going to Tallahatchie Tumbling and Cheer monthly.  Our first visit was really fun.  None of us had been there before.  Her mother, Ms. Babs was there, too.  The whole floor is covered in thick mats. We had to take our shoes off, but it felt good to our feet.  Stacy had all kinds of things for us to use. 

She’s also teaching us a New Haven cheer.  We even got to use pompoms!  I think going to Tallahatchie Cheer is going be one of our favorite activities

While it has been so hot, Stella has been cooking lighter meals.  We have had great chef salads, but our favorite is her nachos.  We have also had some regular meals.  Tabitha’s family gave us fresh okra; we love fried okra.  Will’s parents have been giving us eggs, and Tim Burress brought us watermelons.  

If you need entertainment, we will be glad to sing for you.  We had so much fun opening for Ms. Mary Haskell when she sang at the Magnolia Civic Center.  We sang “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” and “Mississippi.” We wore jeans with white shirts.  The guys wore red bandanas and the girls wore blue ones.  That was the first time we had ever sung on a real stage other than the one at New Haven.  The lights were real bright, but they didn’t bother us.  We thought if we are going to start singing we needed a name and Ms. Ruby came up with one that we really liked.  We are the High Hopes.

 We are still trying to catch up on our news so be sure to read next week.  There’s more to tell!