Center Hill News, September 17, 2010

Ms. Billie fell in her yard last week and broke her right arm. They did surgery on it this past Tuesday, put a plate and screws in and she is home recovering. Sure hope you will do as the doctor says…..and will be good as new in a short time, Ms. Billie.

We had a beautiful bouquet of flowers in our church Sunday morning. Lois had picked and made a pretty fall arrangement. It sure did brighten our day.

Mr. Virgil was at church Sunday morning. It was so good to see him out. Ms. Frances is just about the same. Mr. Frank was not able to be at church Sunday, but Ms. Frankie Lee and Mary Ellen were both there. Sure feels good to have everyone at church. Please keep Bro. LaWayne Cooper in your prayers. He’s not feeling well.

Ladies, don’t forget….we are making a trip to Cordova on Friday for the annual “yard sale” and will be happy to have any of you that want to go to join us. We will leave the church at 8am.

Last Wednesday night Bro. Brandon started our Bible Study on Revelations. We only studied the first 3 verses of Chapter 1.…so if you want to get in on a good study, please join us on Wednesday nights. We’re going thru the entire book.

I hosted Bonco at my house this past Monday night for 12 of us. We ate, then we played, laughed, giggled, ate again, handed out gifts, fellowshipped a little more and as bad as we hated to, we had to adjourn. We have so much fun and always look forward to the next month.

Theresa Smith reported that only 16 bikes showed up for the Ashley Angels ride last Saturday morning. She was sure the threat of rain was the reason for no more showing up.

Friendship Baptist Church will be hosting a Motorcycle Ride Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 for AWANA kids. Bikers meet at 8:30 a.m. to register-AWANA kids come at 11 a.m.  The price is $20 for individual rider and $30 for couple. Lunch included. Kids can have pictures made on bikes for $5. Monies raised will go toward another church van to transport children to and from church.

Happy Birthday on Saturday, Sept. 18 to my sister, Dollie, on her 73rd and to my sister-in-law, Gail Hamblin.

 May your troubles be less, Your blessing be more, And nothing but happiness ome through your door. God Bless.