Ellistown Breezes, September 17, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying these somewhat cooler days and nights.  What a Summer! I believe Fall officially arrives Monday, Sept. 20.

On Monday, Sept. 20th, Hunter Hatcher will become a teenager. Congratulations to you. And on Sept. 21, Steven Travis Thomas will be a big four. Happy birthday to you fellows and my you have many more.

I talked with Peggy Humphreys last Sunday and she jokingly said we need to get us motorized chairs.  She was in good spirit and I am gradually getting better, I think.  This back brace I have to wear for a month isn’t too bad.  Not bad at all if it heals my backbone.

I was sorry to hear Helen Randle say that Betty Harper came to Sunday School Class and sounded like I did when I first got sick.  Oh Betty, I do hope you don’t have what I had and still have. 

 Please go to your doctor immediately if you haven’t already gone.

My heart was broken this week when my sister-in-law, Carolyn McCraw, called to tell me her doctor has found a cancer in one of her lungs.  It wasn’t long ago that whe buried her husband, Everette, because of cancer in his lungs. Everette was a heavy smoker, but I dare say Carolyn has never smoked a cigarette.

I came home from the hospital last Wednesday the 8thh.  Buddy and Patsy are real good nurses.  They have been by my side every day.  Today they are adding extra steps to the back deck to make it easier to step on to it from the house. 

 I told Cindy, Buddy’s wife, what a good nurse he is and she replied, “He is a real Dr. Killdare, isn’t he?” (from TV).