Ingomar News, September 17, 2010

Dana Bramlitt


Hello Falcon supporters! My name is Dana Bramlitt, this year’s Ingomar reporter. 

I am proud and thankful to have the privilege to relay the news of Ingomar’s events into the hands of its followers. 

Now I introduce the rest of the elected students of the student council and class officers. Seth Taylor was elected student council president, and following is Stephen Laird as vice president. Filling the last two positions are Austin Gregory for secretary and Tanner McCollum as treasurer. 

The seventh through twelfth class officers are as follows:

12th Grade: President- Lauren Langston; Vice President- Dalton Wood; Secretary- Lakin Potts; Reporter- Dana Bramlitt

11th Grade: President- Clara Watson;Vice President- Kristin Weeden; Secretary- Lacy Lindley; Treasurer- Marlee Sappington;  Reporter- Monique McDonald 

10th Grade: President- Cason Robbins; Vice President- Tori Baldwin; Secretary- Emily Hall; Treasurer- Josh Thompson; Reporter- Mallory Adair

9th Grade:  President- Konner Bullock; Vice President- Hannah Russell; Secretary- Selena Howell; Treasurer- Chandler Thompson; Reporter- Morgan Kelly

8th Grade: President- Ethan Taylor; Vice President- Payshay Anderson; Secretary- Kaleb Robbins; Treasurer- Clayton Gaines; Reporter- Tristan Glasson

7th Grade: President- Cade Hall; Vice President- Brooks Rhea; Secretary- Abbey Robbins; Treasurer- Macy Kirk; Reporter- Dylan Reeder.

This past weekend on Sept. 11, Ingomar’s cross-country team competed in their first competition this season at East Union, which was a very good experience for both girls and boys. 

They will compete again on the eighteenth at Saltillo starting with the junior high girls at 9 a.m.. 

Also on Sept. 11, the slow-pitch softball team battled it out in the Union County Tournatment. 

Their first game against Myrtle they lost three to two, and their second game they lost ten to seven against New Albany. However, they came back in the third game, four to one, claiming a victory over East Union. 

Finally, our Ingomar girls captured another win, ten to two, over West Union. Overall winning the Union County Tournament. 

 The Ingomar lady Falcons played against Okolona on the Sept. 14 at Ingomar at 5 p.m., varsity only.