Junta Club, September 17, 2010

The Junta Club held its first meeting of the 2010-2011 year at the home of Susan Feather on Tuesday, September 7, 2010.  

This club was organized in 1933 with the motto, “An enrichment of life through a better adjustment of human relations”.  

The programs for this club year will feature books on recent New York Timesbest seller lists.  

Officers are President – Nina Beth Capaning, Vice-president-Sandra Sisk, Secretary/Treasure- Lynn Madden, Reporter-Myra Langley, Parliamentarian-Marjorie Livingston,  Phone Committee Chairman Mary Jannette Wynn. Lynn Madden reviewed the historical fiction novel, Water For Elephants,by Sara Gruen, copyright 2006. The setting for this novel alternates between the 1930’s and the present.  

The plot unfolds as main character Jacob Jankowski, now a 93-year-old man in an assisted living facility recalls a span of his life with a circus.  The hierarchy of employees of the circus, cruelty to humans and to animals, the fulfillment or the destruction of personal dreams, and the “pathetic grandeur” of the circus world are revealed. 

The author grabs the reader’s attention during the prologue and maintains reader interest; a twist in the plot is disclosed in the final pages of the book. Mrs. Madden highly recommends this novel.

A movie is currently being filmed based on this book.  Author Sara Gruen donates a percentage of royalties to animal charities. 

 Members present were Jennifer Beam, Ninabeth Capaning, Bethany Dalton, Jean Dillard, Susan Feather, Libby Harrison, Ethel Holland, Myra Langley, Marjorie Livingston, lynn Madden, Mary Tate Pannell, Eleanor Parks, Shelia Robbins, Mary Jannette Wynn, Sandra Sisk, and Lois Spiese. Honorary member Caroline Cole and guest Cathy Martin were also present.