New Albany Garden Club, September 17, 2010

The September meeting of the New Albany Garden Club was held at the Concord Inn, home of Mr.and Mrs. Chris Coombs.  President Grace Provence the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Mrs. Provence thanked Mr.and Mrs. Coombs for their gracious hospitality,  JJ Harris and Melanie Shannon and Tameri Dunnam for the lovely fall floral arrangement. 

The inspirational devotional was given by Mrs. Dunnam.  The roll was checked and the minutes read and approved.  Treasurer Elizabeth Skinner gave a financial report.

Upcoming events  included: Sept. 10-12 – Hummingbird Festival in Holly Springs; Oct. 5 – Tombigbee Valley District Meeting. Old Waverly, West Point.; Oct. 6 – Deadline to preorder bulbs for “Golden Days” Bulb Sale; Oct. 11 – A State Advanced Standard Flower Show, Brookhaven; Oct. 20 – Landscape Design Symposium, MSU

Sherra Owen, chair of the Faulkner Garden Committee, gave her report on the upcoming visit of Felder Rushing and the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the garden on Sept. 23, at the museum.  She also announced a bird house contest for elementary school children.

Ways and Means Committee chairperson, Jane Ford, gave a report on the upcoming fundraiser in December, A Holiday Tour of Historic Homes.  Tickets will be available at the next meeting.  

Chris Coombs gave an informative program entitled, “How to Enhance Plant Growth”.  He shared his knowledge of using the product “Enable” to boost garden vegetation.  Members were given a sample of the product.  Members enjoyed a tour of the grounds and gardens of the Coombs property.

The meeting was adjourned to meet in the home of Carolyn Houston on Oct. 14.

 Members present were: Ginger Boyington, Anita Buster, Betty Campbell, Glenda Conlee, Bethany Dalton, Tameri Dunnam, Linda Everett, Susan Feather, Laura Fennell, Jane Ford, Betsey Hamilton, JJ Harris, Cassie Henson, Lori Henson, Carolyn Houston, Lynn Madden, Danita Maddox, Rebecca Owen, Sherra Owen, Gwen Pennebaker, Grace Provence, Melanie Shannon, Joan Smith, Elizabeth Skinner, Mary Webb.