New Haven News, September 17, 2010

Tabitha Roberson


My name is Tabitha Roberson and I want to welcome Hazel Cook to New Haven.  Hazel makes 27 attending now.  We now have one more girl than guy.  This is my third year at New Haven.  I went to school at East Union.  Hazel went to school at New Albany.

We have had several visitors this year.  Ms. Evelyn Beaty visited us recently.  She brought a beautiful fresh flower arrangement from Bankhead Flower Shop.  She also brought a big sack of ribbon and other things that Ms. Carolyn Self and Mr. Kevin Hinton collected that we can use for craft projects.  Mr. Kevin came before she left and brought us some red carnations.  He said he would come back sometime and do a project with us. 

Mrs. Katie Johnson was another one of our visitors.  She brought some games that she had that she no longer needed.  We thought that was so nice of her to think of us. She lives in our neighborhood.  Dewey Davidson has been to see us some, too.  We always enjoy talking to Dewey.  He helps keep our flower beds and shrubs looking pretty.

Ms. Patsy and Mr. Steve Livingston visited one day.  Ms. Patsy always has something going on with us.  I don’t know if Mr. Steve volunteered or we talked him into playing the piano.  He played some Elvis songs; we love Elvis.  He said he would play for us again sometime.

Price’s Jennifer has also been to see us, but she came to do us a favor.  We are getting ID badges, and she made our pictures and is making the badges for us.  We love Jennifer. We usually see Ms. Marjorie Livingston at the museum, but she has also visited us at New Haven.

We have had visitors from Houston, Texas.  Jennifer’s Aunt Elena and Uncle Richard visit us every time they come to Mississippi.  Ms. Elena brought her guitar and played and sang for us.  They also brought their computer and showed us lots of pictures from different places.  

If you remember, we got serious about walking last year, and we are still serious about it this year.  When it was so hot we walked at the Baptist Healhplex.  Since the weather is cooler, we are walking outside more.  When it rains or when it gets cold, I am sure we will go back to the Healthplex.

We like to play Bingo, and we played last Friday.  We usually play until everyone wins two prizes.  We try to play once a month.  We really have to listen and pay attention.

We are still enjoying our bus so much.  Can you believe when everyone is here, there are no empty seats!  Also, this year we have had to put two tables in the hallway because there is not enough room for us in the dining room.  

I think you can tell there is never a dull moment at New Haven.  Why don’t you visit us and see for yourself?