Center Hill News, September 22, 2010

Greeting from our side of the county. We trust everyone had a safe weekend.

Ms. Billie is doing really well with her arm. Mr. Frank fell this past weekend and ended up in the hospital for several days. He’s at home now…and Mr. Frank, we sure hope you are better real soon.

Mr. Virgil and Ms. Frances are just about the same. Ms. Frankie was at church Sunday, looking as pretty as ever.

We had a good crowd at church Sunday and heard two good sermons. Our youth went on a bowling trip on Saturday and reported having a good time.

Several from our church went to the Gaither’s Homecoming in Tupelo on Saturday night and reported having a wonderful time. They said it was a super concert.

Oak Hill Baptist Church is having their revival this week with Bro. Kevin Merritt preaching each night.

 Happy Birthday this week to Darlene Curtis.